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LX-3100N Portable natural gas chromatograph

Minimum Order Quantity : 1set Price : USD22000/set
Packaging Details : standard Delivery Time : 30days
Payment Terms : T/T Supply Ability : 10sets/month
Place of Origin: China Brand Name: TOPSKY
Certification: MA Model Number: LX-3100N

Detail Information

Display: 4.3inch Power: 3.7V 3000mA
Interface: EN/CN Size: 300*250*142mm
Weight: 5kg Sampling: Miniature Aire Pump
High Light:

hand held gas detector


portable gas detection equipment

Product Description

LX-3100N Portable natural gas chromatograph



Instrument overview According to the current national standards such as GB17820-2012 “Natural Gas”

and GB18047-2000 “Compressed Natural Gas for Vehicles”, there are 5 technical indicators for the commercial natural gas delivered through the pipeline after the natural gas produced in the gas field or oil field is pretreated. Schedule 1), ie high calorific value, total sulfur, hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide and water dew point, wherein the high calorific value is analyzed by gas chromatography.

The LX-3100N portable natural gas chromatograph is equipped with a highly sensitive thermal conductivity and hydrogen flame detector. The 10-way valve backflushing process can complete the hydrocarbons such as C1-C6 and C6+ in the natural gas specified in GB/T13610-2014. Analysis of class components and inorganic gases such as He, H2, O2, N2, CO2; according to the content of each component, and according to GB/T 11062-2014 "calculation of natural gas calorific value, density, average density and Wobbe index" Method" calculates the high calorific value (heat value) of natural gas.

Item Type one Type two Type three
High calorific value , MJ/m3 ≥ 36.0 31.4 31.4

Total sulfur (calculated as

sulfur),mg/ m3 ≤







H2S,mg/ m3 ≤ 6 ≤20 ≤350
CO2,%(V/V) ≤ 2.0 3.0 -


Water dew point,℃

At the junction pressure, the water dew point should be 5℃ lower than the minimum ambient

temperature under the transport conditions.

l Note:

l The standard reference condition for gas volume in this standard is 101.325 kPa, 20 °C

l Under the conveying condition, when the buried temperature of the pipe top is 0 °C, the water dew point should not be higher than -5 °C.

For natural gas entering the gas pipeline, the pressure at the water dew point should be the highest delivery pressure.




n Measuring range:


Component name Concentration range (molar fraction) y/% Component name Concentration range (molar fraction) y/%
helium 0.01~10 Isobutane 0.01~10
hydrogen 0.01~10 N-butane 0.01~10
oxygen 0.01~20 Neopentane 0.01-2
CO2 0.01~100 N-pentane 0.01-2
CH4 0.01~100 Hexane 0.01-2
Ethane 0.01~100    
Propane 0.01~100    

n Precision:


Component concentration range (molar fraction) Repeatability Reproducibility
0~0.1 0.01 0.02
0.1~1.0 0.04 0.07
1.0~5.0 0.07 0.10
5.0~10 0.08 0.12
>10 0.20 0.30

n Standard function:


1) Organic Gas Analysis System

2) Inorganic gas analysis system

3) Data Processing System

4) Calorific value calculation software


  • Executive standards
  • GB17820-2012<天然气>Nature Gas
  • GB18047-2000<车用压缩天然气>Compressed Natural Gas for Vehicles
  • GB/T13610-2014 <天然气的组成分析气相色谱法> Analysis of natural gas composition - Gas chromatography
  • GB/T 11062-2014<天然气发热量,密度,平均密度和沃泊指数的计算方法>calculation of natural gas calorific value, density, average density and Wobbe index
  • GB/T27894-2011<天然气在一定不确定度下用气相色谱法测定组分> Natural gas—Determination of composition with defined uncertainty by gas chromatogramphy—Part 1:Guidelines for tailored analysis


  • Detector specification


Thermal conductivity detector(TCD) Flame ionization detector(FID)
Adopt semi-diffused structure Program autoignition(autoignition while exceed130°C)
Constant current control mode is adopted for power supply Autoignition;stabilization time:10min
Sensitivity:≥10000mV·ml/mg(C6H6) LOD:≤3×10-12g/s(C16H34/C8H18)
Baseline noise:≤10μV Baseline noise:≤5×10-14A
Baseline drift:≤30μV/30min Baseline drift:≥1×10-13A/30min
Linear:≥105 Linear:≥107


  • Temperature control indicators


Temperature control parts Temperature control range Temperature control accuracy
Oven Room temperature 4℃~450℃ ±0.01℃
Flame ionization(FID)detector Room temperature 4℃~450℃ ±0.01℃
Thermal conductivity(TCD)detector Room temperature 4℃~450℃ ±0.01℃
Ni Catalytic converter Room temperature 4℃~450℃ ±0.01℃
Program heat up order 20 order -
Program heat up rate 0.1~60℃/min ±0.01℃
Program press 8 order -


  • Technical performance:

1) Analysis period: <20min

2) Maximum error: <3%

3) Stabilization time: <30min

4) working environment:-10~50℃

Other parameters:


1) Dimensions: 625 × 500 × 297m

2) Weight: <20kg

3) Power source: 220V±22V, 50Hz

4) Power: ≤500W


2.Technical characteristics


Highly integrated and integrated design:

  • The LX-3100N portable natural gas chromatograph adopts a new integrated design, which integrates four gas sources, computer and chromatography workstations such as argon, hydrogen, air and standard gas into the instrument. No external gas source and computer are required. The original imported storm trolley case has an anti-drop height of more than 1.2 meters.

The three detector process technology enables complete separation of all components:

The LX-3100N portable gas chromatograph uses a valve cutting process technology with a high-sensitivity thermal conductivity detector and a flame ionization detector to reduce inspection time while greatly improving detection sensitivity.

The helium carrier gas uses back pressure control technology to greatly reduce the impact of the injection peak on hydrogen analysis:

Due to the short peak time, hydrogen is more susceptible to interference from the injection peak. The LX-3100N portable natural gas chromatograph uses back pressure valve control technology, which can effectively reduce the interference of the injection peak on the hydrogen peak and reduce the human factor. The effect of hydrogen detection greatly improves the accuracy of hydrogen detection.

Using mixed packing column technology to greatly improve peak response and extend column life:

The LX-3100N portable gas chromatograph uses a new mixed-package column and ERIC tubing to minimize sample adsorption and increase hydrocarbon response by up to 20 times.


High sensitivity thermal conductivity detector is used to greatly improve the detection sensitivity of hydrogen:

Unlike traditional thermal conductivity detectors, the LX-3100N portable natural gas chromatograph is equipped with a high-sensitivity thermal conductivity detector with a thorium-tungsten wire resistance of 130 Ω. It has a small cell size and fast response, and the detection limit for hydrogen can be reduced. Up to 2 μL/L.

Use computer anti-control technology to realize the digital operation of the

instrument and one-button boot:

The analysis parameters of the LX-3100N portable gas chromatograph, including the carrier gas pressure, sample pressure, temperature, etc., are set or displayed through the workstation. The operation is simple and the analysis conditions are mastered in real time. The heating and cooling of the instrument can be realized by tapping the mouse on the workstation, completely eliminating the cumbersome operation in the laboratory chromatogram, and basically achieving one-button boot.

Digital electronic zeroing technology to enhance the anti-jamming capability of the instrument:

LX-3100N portable natural gas chromatograph detector zero signal adopts electronic zero adjustment technology, using high-precision digital circuit for base flow compensation, electronic adjustment of output signal level, reducing parasitic parameters, and thus strong resistance Interference ability.

Automatic gas shutoff protection to ensure safe operation of the detector:

LX-3100N breathe portable gas chromatograph having protection function, when the carrier gas flow rate is below the threshold value set, a current instrument automatically switches off the thermal conductivity, thermal conductivity detector to prevent burning, improve the safety of use of the instrument.

The instrument comes with an aging program, and the user can automatically aging the instrument without any complicated settings:

In the daily use of the instrument, in order to ensure the good running state of the instrument, the instrument needs to be aging irregularly. The aging program of the LX-3100N portable natural gas chromatograph allows the user to set the aging program without setting complicated parameters. The instrument will automatically run according to the required parameters, which is convenient for the user to carry out daily maintenance work on the instrument.

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