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Surveillance Counter Terrorism Equipment Intelligent Unmanned Inspection Robot

Minimum Order Quantity : 1 Packaging Details : Customized box
Payment Terms : T/T, L/C, Western Union Supply Ability : 10sets/month
Place of Origin: China Brand Name: Topsky
Model Number: P-BotX

Detail Information

Screen: 12inch High Light LCD Screen Size: 967*646*750mm(inc PTZ)
Weight: 100KG Image System: 360°panorama Image System
Wireless Control Distance: 500m Wire Control Distance: 1000m
High Light:

anti terrorism equipment


counter surveillance equipment

Product Description

Surveillance Counter Terrorism Equipment Intelligent Unmanned Inspection Robot


Product introduction

P-BotX is a multi-functional intelligent unmanned inspection robot, which uses artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, cloud computing and other technologies to integrate autonomous navigation, autonomous cruise, autonomous charging, autonomous obstacle avoidance, and active identification (blacklist of people and vehicles + White list), environmental gas monitoring and other technologies; according to the detection needs of the application scenario, configure the sensors required by the system, and timely obtain the equipment operating status, environmental information, etc .; Realize special patrol and scheduled patrol tasks, and realize remote online monitoring. It is suitable for large-scale parks, factories, warehouse logistics, and other places. It can replace patrol personnel or monitoring systems to perform real-time monitoring of the area, environmental awareness, preventive alarm, and remote command. While reducing labor, it greatly improves the content and frequency of operation and maintenance, changes traditional operation and maintenance methods, and realizes intelligent operation and maintenance.
Second, the overall performance characteristics
2.1 Application areas: police security, industrial parks, warehousing and logistics, business exhibitions and other inspections;
2.2 ★ Real-time monitoring: 4-channel ultra-high-definition video monitoring to meet real-time monitoring of environmental information throughout the day;
2.3 ★ Intelligent identification system: blacklist + whitelist identification of personnel and vehicles, linkage alarm; (optional) flame, smoke
Fog monitoring and early warning;
2.4 ★ High-precision navigation system: It can perform autonomous navigation and high-precision cruise;
2.5 ★ Autonomous charging: The robot has the function of power monitoring and autonomous charging;
2.6 ★ Two-way intercom: Full-duplex real-time HD intercom;
2.7 ★ Obstacle avoidance system: Lidar + visual obstacle avoidance + ultrasonic obstacle avoidance multiple protection;
2.8 ★ Continuous walking time: ≥4h;
2.9 ★ Endurance: ≥6h;
2.10 Remote control mode: 4G + WIFF (under signal coverage);
2.11 Walking speed: 0 ~ 1m / s, stepless speed change;
2.12 ★ High-power, four-wheel drive design to meet the walking requirements of the robot on the scene of complex road conditions;
2.13 ★ Modular design, easy to expand, can be equipped with multiple sensors to meet different site needs;
2.14 Protection level: IP65;
2.15 ★ (optional) infrared thermal imaging: -20-150 ℃;
2.16 Machine weight: 100Kg;
Third, the chassis parameters
3.1 Dimensions: 1150 * 750 * 1200
3.2 ★ Walking mechanism: four-wheel drive;
3.3 ★ Turning radius: turning in place;
3.4 ★ Power: 800W * 2
3.5 Chassis height: 90mm from the ground at the lowest point
3.6 Roll stability angle: ≥25 °
Parameters and characteristics of intelligent autonomous system
4.1 ★ Autonomous navigation and cruise: autonomously complete fixed route patrols, random route patrols and key departments without manual intervention
Inspection and detection tasks; support multiple initial positions to start; map construction larger than 300,000 square meters, minimum 10 cm
Recognition accuracy
4.2 ★ Autonomous positioning: Real-time positioning via differential GPS, comprehensive positioning within 5cm, and task point positioning error within ± 3cm
Within, can provide real-time location information to other modules;
4.3 ★ Autonomous intelligent obstacle avoidance: through the three-in-one obstacle avoidance method of lidar obstacle avoidance, visual obstacle avoidance, and ultrasonic radar obstacle avoidance, the replanning of avoiding obstacles and bypassing dynamic obstacles is realized to ensure the safety of themselves, the environment, and staff. Keep a safe distance of not less than 10cm from obstacles during obstacle course;
4.4 ★ Autonomous charging: The robot's battery level will automatically navigate to the preset charging pile position when it is lower than a certain threshold, and communicate with the charging pile.
Guide alignment to complete its own power supply;
4.5 Intelligent anti-collision and anti-fall: It adopts a high-stability drop-and-drop system. When it encounters the descending steps, it automatically stops and alarms to prevent the collision from causing damage to personnel and equipment;
V. Parameters and characteristics of reconnaissance system
5.1 Video perception
5.1.1 The video system consists of 1 channel 400 HD cameras + 2 channels 200 starlight cameras + 1 channel (support optional infrared)
Night vision or infrared thermal imaging) composition;
5.1.2 ★ 2 million cameras can provide clear images and dynamic image stabilization under 0.0001LUX low-light conditions; starlight levels are usually
It refers to the light source in low-light environment, which can display much clearer images than ordinary cameras, and night vision is clearer;
5.1.3 Resolution 1920 * 1080P;
5.1.4 5-15 meters infrared light automatically turns on;

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