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Backpack Electric Foam Fire Extinguishing Device

Minimum Order Quantity : 1 set Delivery Time : 10 working days
Payment Terms : T/T, Western Union Supply Ability : 200 Sets/Month
Place of Origin: CHINA Brand Name: TOPSKY
Model Number: DXB10

Detail Information

Name: Fire Fighting Equipment Backpack Electric Foam Fire Extinguishing Device Barrel Volume: 10L
Jet Radius: ≥3.5m Voltage: 20V
Endurance: 20min
High Light:

foam fire extinguishing device


backpack fire extinguishing device


electric fire extinguishing device

Product Description

Backpack Electric Foam Fire Extinguishing Device 0Backpack Electric Foam Fire Extinguishing Device 1


.Backpack electric foam fire extinguishing device



With the rapid progress of the modernization process, the fire situation is becoming more and more complicated, especially the sudden occurrences encountered by petrochemical companies in the daily production process are increasing. Once the occurrence of hazardous chemical disasters, they are highly sudden, spread rapidly, and damage the scope It has the characteristics of wide range, many ways of injury, difficult detection, difficult rescue, and polluted environment. For emergency situations such as toxic and harmful gas environments, rescue in narrow spaces, emergency suppression of various types of fires, and decontamination of chemical pollution, individual equipment often plays a key role.

The development of domestic individual fire fighting and decontamination equipment is relatively backward, limited to the negative pressure foaming method, and this foaming principle has been gradually eliminated due to the unsatisfactory foaming effect. This knapsack-type electric foam fire extinguishing device is easy to operate, has a high safety factor, can be charged and used, and can be sprayed by a variety of gun heads. It has high fire extinguishing reliability and is widely used by the crowd.


1. Foam fire extinguishing function to protect personal safety

The backpack-type electric foam fire extinguishing device uses a foam fire extinguishing device. The advanced induction motor principle of this device makes the foam stable and high multiple. After the whole body is sprayed and covered by the personnel in the fire, a protective layer can be formed to protect it from flame damage. Good protection of operators and search and rescue objects.

2. Piggyback design is easy to carry

The piggyback electric foam fire extinguishing device adopts a piggyback design, which is convenient to carry. The device has a compact structure, carries a fast movement, liberates both hands, is helpful for climbing and rescue, and can meet the needs of operators for emergency fire extinguishing and decontamination operations in narrow aisles and spaces. This structural feature makes the device suitable for various complex terrains. widely.

3. High fire extinguishing level

The backpack-type electric foam fire extinguishing device has a fire extinguishing level of 4a, 144b, which exceeds the fire extinguishing capacity of the portable fire extinguisher by several times. The inflammable gasoline fire can be extinguished by a single unit of 144 liters of oil pan flame.

4. Long spray distance

Because the heat radiation of the fire source makes it difficult for people to access, it is difficult for ordinary fire extinguishers to exert their full fire extinguishing ability, and the jet distance of the backpack-type electric foam fire extinguishing device is 6 meters. It is safer for the operator to extinguish the fire away from the fire source, and the psychological condition is more stable, thus greatly improving the fire extinguishing effect.

5. Repeated filling and use on site

The knapsack-type electric foam fire extinguishing device device does not pressurize the barrel holding the fire extinguishing liquid, so it can be filled anytime and anywhere. The material of the barrel is anti-corrosive and can be filled with fresh water and sea water. After spraying a bucket of fire extinguishing fluid on site, take the nearest water and mix it with the original foam liquid, which can be used again without stirring, and the fire extinguishing capacity is doubled.

6. Clean and environmentally friendly

The dust of the dry powder fire extinguisher pollutes the environment and irritates people's respiratory tract. It is suffocating when used in an environment with no air circulation. The backpack-type electric foam fire extinguishing device uses environmentally friendly multi-functional foam medicine. The sprayed foam has no irritation to the human respiratory tract and skin. The foam degrades naturally within a few hours and does not pollute the surrounding environment. It is easy to clean up after use. Implemented the national environmental protection development policy.

7. Decontamination advantage

The backpack-type electric foam fire extinguishing device has obvious advantages in decontamination due to its own structural characteristics. The barrel is anti-corrosive, and the corresponding decontamination liquid can be filled according to the type of poison; the nozzle is removable, easy to replace, and there is fog The effect is good, the fog flow crosses in multiple directions, the coverage area is large, and the adhesion is strong.

This product is widely used in firefighting, chemical, shipping, petroleum, mining and other departments for firefighters or rescue personnel to carry out fire extinguishing, rescue, disaster relief and safe and effective in various environments with thick smoke, poisonous gas, steam or oxygen deficiency. Aid work

, Compostion


1. Sprayer 1set

2. Water gun 1set

3. Carry case 2pcs


,Technical specs

1) Barrel volume: 10L

2) Jet radius: ≥3.5m

3) Voltage: 20V

4) Endurance: 20min

5) Dimensions: l* w* h: 480*350*173mm

6) Effective spraying time S/barrel: 170

7) Fire extinguishing level: 4A 113B

8) Total weight (without filling water): 2.7Kg

Total weight (filled with water): ≤13Kg


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