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LBT3.0 Whitewater 60km/H 2.68psi Self Righting Lifeboat

Minimum Order Quantity : 1set Packaging Details : Aluminium case
Delivery Time : 30days Payment Terms : T/T
Supply Ability : 100sets/month
Place of Origin: China Brand Name: TOPSKY
Model Number: LBT3.0

Detail Information

Overall Size: 4520x2280x2350 Mm Folded Size: 1000x800x800 Mm
Weight: 160kg (excluding Outboard Motor) Working Pressure: 2.68psi
Storage Air Pressure: 1.81 Psi Speed: 60km/h (including 2 Operators)
High Light:

Whitewater Self Righting Lifeboat


60km/h Self Righting Lifeboat


2.68psi Self Righting Lifeboat

Product Description

LBT3.0 Self-righting whitewater lifeboat

Product background:

In recent years, the number of water rescue accidents across the country has increased, which is a great test for the existing water rescue system and water rescue equipment. Since the flood season, there have been many rounds of heavy rainfall in southern my country, causing heavy floods in many places. Traditional water rescues have many shortcomings. Rescuers must wear life jackets and fasten safety ropes, and they must be implemented under heavy protection measures. Rescue, the rescue process also faces the risk of capsize.


LBT3.0 self-righting white-water lifeboat is suitable for transporting personnel and materials in extremely harsh conditions and difficult environments, and it is impossible to reach waters with ordinary rescue vessels for rescue. The lifeboat is especially suitable for rescue missions in harsh waters such as rolling dams, rapids and huge waves in the sea. The independent triangular special design gives the lifeboat ultra-high stability. Even if a roll occurs in the huge waves, the driver only needs to be gentle. Shake the body and straighten it. It has many characteristics such as simple and rapid transportation, strong power, strong and reliable. The hull is made of high-strength material, which has excellent anti-puncture and anti-cutting capabilities. At the same time, it has the ability to not peel and degummed after sun exposure.



1. The whole ship is equipped with a pressure valve group management system: there are 10 independent air chambers on the hull, each air chamber needs to be equipped with a separate inflation port, and each inflation port needs to be equipped with a digital display barometer.

2. Inflatable device: equipped with a portable DC inflatable pump and rechargeable battery, portable AC inflatable pump and mobile power supply

3. Rescue at height: 2 adults standing on the top of the self-righting white-water lifeboat, no obvious deformation and tipping of the top air column

4. Self-righting function: Manually release the self-righting white-water lifeboat after idling 90°, the self-righting white-water lifeboat can automatically return to the normal state, personnel safety after righting, and no function of the whole boat will be affected after righting.

5. Reflective signs are posted around the hull.

6. There are handle straps around the hull

7.The outboard motor propeller is equipped with a metal protective cover

Technical parameters:

1.★Overall size: 4520x2280x2350 mm

2.★Folded size: 1000x800x800 mm

3.★ Weight: 160kg (excluding outboard motor)

4. ★ Carrying capacity: After carrying 11 adults, it can keep floating on the water

5. Integrated design of the hull, the material is multi-layer reinforced composite material, the joints should be multi-layer reinforced, and the bottom of the hull has an additional reinforced high-strength wear-resistant striped armor.

6. The bottom of the ship can be split design, the bottom of the ship is integrated with a water divider and an independent air cushion that can be overlapped, and 2 independent air chambers at the bottom of the ship

7. ★Tear strength of ship bottom material: 822N in horizontal direction and 860N in vertical direction. Tensile strength: horizontal 4465N, vertical 4320N (abrasion resistance, cut resistance level 5, and at the same time has the ability to prevent sun exposure without skin and no degumming).

8. Working pressure: the normal working pressure of the hull is 2.68 psi

9. Storage air pressure: when the hull is stored in standby mode, the internal air pressure: 1.81 psi

10. ★Inflation and deflation time: the hull is inflated to working pressure: 9 min 52 s; the hull is evacuated to the packing state: 9 min 48 s

11. The stern outboard motor does not leak, and the power of the outboard motor is 60HP; the installation beam and hanging plate of the seat should be an integrated design

12.★Speed: After warming up for 5 minutes, the maximum no-load speed of the outboard motor is 60 km/h (including 2 operators)

13. Corrosion resistance requirements: After the 48h neutral salt spray test, the metal parts are not corroded

LBT3.0 Whitewater 60km/H 2.68psi Self Righting Lifeboat 0

product configuration:

No. Name Unit Qty Remark
Ship body pcs 1  
Bracket PCS 1  
Motor Set 1  
Protective cover Pcs 1  
AC air pump Pcs 1  
mobile power pcs 1  
DC air pump pcs 1  
Battery pcs 1  
Pressure gauge pcs 10  
seat belt pcs 2  
Seat pcs 2  
Paddle Pair 1  
Bandage pcs 20  
Lanyard pcs 1  
Package box pcs 1  


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