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Max Climbing Ability 50 deg Firefighting Robot Fast Operating Speed Forest Isolation

Minimum Order Quantity : 1 set Price : USD50000-USD70000
Packaging Details : Export package Delivery Time : 45 working days
Payment Terms : T/T, Western Union
Place of Origin: China Brand Name: TOPSKY
Model Number: RX-MC80D-SL

Detail Information

Name: Max Climbing Ability 50 ° Fast Operating Speed Forest Isolation Firefighting Robot Maximum Climbing Ability: 50 °
Maximum Operating Speed: 5km/h Protection Level: IP66
High Light:

Fast Speed Firefighting Robot


Forest Isolation Firefighting Robot


Forest Isolation Fireman Robot

Product Description

Max climbing ability 50 ° fast operating speed Forest isolation firefighting robot


Max Climbing Ability 50 deg Firefighting Robot Fast Operating Speed Forest Isolation 0


Max Climbing Ability 50 deg Firefighting Robot Fast Operating Speed Forest Isolation 1



Forest firefighting robot can realize the fireproof isolation belt, broaden the fire channels, auxiliary cleaning fire fields, open temporary rescue channels, and open a soil isolation zone. It has professional isolation bands such as crushing, cutting irrigation, weeding, and flammable planting, and can achieve 5km/h fast operation as soon as possible. By selecting different functional modules, it can be applied in the field of forest grassland fire prevention, snow removal of municipal roads, and engineering rescue disaster relief.

In addition to the forest and grassland fire prevention, it can also be equipped with a variety of dedicated machinery according to customer needs, such as milling machines, ice removal, snow shovel, snow throwing machine, tree -migrant machine, trench -opening machine, garden rectification rake, grabbing, grabbing Causar, flat -ground machine, bucket mixer, floor polishing machine and other mature machines, the application field covers road maintenance, road snow removal, garden greening, municipal engineering, industrial buildings, etc.

2. Scope of application

Firefighting, emergency and other safety fields

It can be used to clean up the combustible materials under the forest, open the fireproof isolation zone of the jungle, and the fireproof ditch; remove the weeds, open the grassland fireproof isolation zone; clean the dam weeds and shrubs to clear the hidden safety hazards in time; Improve fire extinguishing efficiency.



1. Strong power, the maximum climbing ability of 50 °, calmly deal with various complex terrain such as mountains, jungles, and swamps.


2. The maximum operating speed is 5km/h, which effectively improves the transition and operating efficiency.


3. The layout is compact, less than 3.2 meters, which can achieve a 360 ° steering in place and flexible maneuverability.


4. Using wireless remote control operations, the fuselage equipment is equipped with multiple cameras, which greatly improves operational safety.


5. With a variety of genus tools, it can be used for crushing shrubs, dead branches, weeds, and opening a isolation belt/fire ditch, fire field cleaning, and transshipment surface combustion.


6. You can quickly replace the genus and greatly improve the efficiency of usage.

  • main technical specification

1. It is suitable for rescue tasks on the scene of disaster scenes such as forest fire protection, urban fire protection, industrial fire protection, chemical accidents.

2. The equipment should be used in a double track -type walking mechanism, which can work on the front of 50 ° and the side of the slope of 30 ° on the side. It has the ability to build a fireproof isolation zone. The woods, shrubs, and grasslands are quickly opened up with fireproof isolation belts. The diameter of the crushed trees is ≥ 80mm, and the diameter of the trees that can be crushed when crushed continuously is ≥40mm. The height of the crushed trees, shrubs and grass is not limited.

3. The function module can be installed in the front, rear and top of the equipment, including not limited to crushing device, water cannon, trenches, snow plow machines, weeding machines, barriers to clear shovel, stretcher, transportation baskets, etc., which can be sprayed. Water extinguishing fire, building a fireproof isolation zone (crushing forest or weeding), clearing obstacles, digging ditches, transportation of materials and wounded.

4. Equipment is equipped with three functional modules: crushing device, blisters, and barriers. The water cannon can be installed at the front of the robot (swapped with the broken device) or the top. The water supply channel of the water cannon is ≥2, and the water supply interface can be installed at the tail.

5. The crusher can rotate 360 ° to shake the debris at 360 °, which can raise the height of ≥1m. The length of the pieces is ≥110cm, the amplitude of the left and right vibration should be ≥ 3 °. The speed of the fireproof isolation belt in the low shrub or grass ≥1800m/h, and the speed of the fireproof isolation belt in the dense forest ≥300m/h.

6. (Optional) Electric control water cannon material is made of high -intensity alloy materials. Flow ≥2000L/min, rated work pressure ≥0.7MPa, range ≥60m, and the maximum working pressure of the cannon should be ≥1.3MPa. The horizontal rotation angle of the fire gun is ≥340 º, and the range of vertical rotation angle is ≥30 º ~ 80 º.

6.1. The water cannon has a self -spread function. The self -swing angle is ≥40 °.

6.2. The working voltage of the water cannon motor is ≥24V. At least two highs and lows are available, and the removable metal waterproof protective cover is covered by the motor.

6.3. The remote control distance of the water cannon is ≥150m. The water cannon remote control should be designed with high -frequency encoding. The automatic adjustment frequency band should be ≥16. The antenna should be removed from external. information.

6.4. Without power, you can control the leaning and horizontal action of the water cannon by manual operation.

6.5. The protection level of the water cannon remote control should be ≥IP66, and the working temperature range is -30 to 70 °.

7. Install the barrier shovel at the tail of the device to clean the remaining combustible materials.

8. The engine power is ≥ 32HP.

9. The capacity of the equipment fuel box is ≥18 liters, and the hydraulic fuel tank capacity is ≥38L.

10. The maximum speed of the equipment is ≥5km/hour.

11. The height of the forearm of the equipment is ≥1m.

12. The equipment should be designed with a remote control operation. The remote control uses a rechargeable battery power. The use time is ≥15 hours. The maximum remote control distance should be ≥150m.

13. Electronic component protection level ≥IP65.

14. Equipment control panel shall be equipped with a timer, horizontal meter, thermometer and other instruments.



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