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5000m Monitoring High Mobility Wireless Remote Control Mobile Panoramic Slope Monitoring Radar

Minimum Order Quantity : 1 set Price : USD30000-40000
Packaging Details : Export package Delivery Time : 30 working days
Payment Terms : T/T Supply Ability : 20 Sets/Month
Place of Origin: China Brand Name: TOPSKY
Model Number: PSR-5000X

Detail Information

Radar Type:: Arc Synthetic Aperture Radar Maximum Monitoring Distance:: 5km
Collection Interval:: 1-6min Resolution:: 0.3m
Monitoring Range:: 360°; Data Collection Time:: ≤1min
High Light:

5000m Monitoring Arc Synthetic Aperture Radar


High Mobility Arc Synthetic Aperture Radar


Wireless Remote Arc Synthetic Aperture Radar

Product Description

5000m monitoring high mobility wireless remote cowireless remote control mobile panoramic slope monitoring radar


5000m Monitoring High Mobility Wireless Remote Control Mobile Panoramic Slope Monitoring Radar 0

5000m Monitoring High Mobility Wireless Remote Control Mobile Panoramic Slope Monitoring Radar 1



PSR-5000X wireless remote control mobile panoramic slope monitoring radar is a new product independently developed by combination of wheeled unmanned vehicle, slope monitoring radar and hazardous environmental gas monitoring equipment. It is mainly used in real-time monitoring of high and steep mine slopes, regular physical examination monitoring of dangerous landslide points, rescue monitoring of landslide and debris flow accidents. It can quickly pass the monitoring deployment of hazardous areas, and hazardous environment quality monitoring can upload on-site data to the supervision background through 4G transmission for real-time wireless management, providing accurate data support and effectively preventing secondary disasters.

Open pit mine, geological landslide/collapse, emergency rescue, water dam, urban subsidence

Subway traffic, large Bridges, high-rise buildings, wind power towers, railway slopes


1.Ultra-long range detection

5 km distance, and the monitoring accuracy is not affected by the distance

2.Ultra-high precision monitoring

Up to 0.1mm sub-millimeter accuracy, fine monitoring of early fine deformation, more rapid and accurate warning

3.Multi-function detection

Integrated visible video, radar detection of a variety of perceptual detection

4. High spatial resolution

0.3m×3mrad high resolution, the most accurate monitoring and imaging results more clear and accurate

5. All day, all weather, fully automated detection

Can be 24 hours, all day, all weather, fully automated detection

6. Large viewing Angle monitoring

360° large viewing Angle, wider monitoring range, large area monitoring slope deformation

7.High mobility:

The fastest speed is 2.2m/S, it can climb a 35 degree slope, and the maximum load is 50kg

8.Multi-parameter monitoring

Detect a variety of gases, which can simultaneously detect the concentration of 8 gases

Meteorological data: temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction

4.Main specification

4.1 Host Parameters:

1. Radar type: arc synthetic aperture radar

2.Maximum monitoring distance: 5km

3. Deformation monitoring accuracy: sub-millimeter, 0.1mm

4. Collection interval: 1-6min

5. Resolution: 0.3m

6. Monitoring range: 360°;

7. Data collection time: ≤1min

8. Operating band: 15.7GHz~16.7GHz

9. Signal bandwidth: 200MHz ~ 1000MHz

10. Monitoring conditions: 24 hours, automatic detection

11. Power supply requirements: AC220V/DC 48V.

12. Protection level: IP66;

13. Working temperature: -30℃ -60 ℃;

14. With hardware self-recovery function, reserved repair interface can be inserted into repair accessories to automatically restore factory Settings;

15. The configuration of radar data playback software, can automatically play back the echo signal waveform and view the calibration signal;

16. With built-in GNSS function, can achieve differential positioning;

17. With automatic orientation function;

18. With atomic clock level Beidou navigation satellite system timing function, frequency accuracy is better than ±0.5ppb (24 hours measurement results);

19. Radar system integration camera for scene monitoring, camera and radar system connection line is not exposed, video surveillance function interface and radar system control system interface integration, can capture scene images through radar system control system interface;

4.2 Gas monitoring parameters:

1.Detection gas:

a) Simultaneously detect 8 kinds: combustible gas, O2, H2, CO2, CO, NO2, HCL, volatile gas

b) Optional: O2, CO, CO high range, CO2, Cl2, ClO2, H2, HCl, HCN, HF, NO2, PH3, ETO-A, ETO-B, ETO-C and other gases

c)Weather sensor (optional) : temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction

2.Screen: five-inch color touch screen /Sound and light alarm:

a) Gas concentration alarm, gas sensitivity alarm, calibration date alarm

b) Exceed the set threshold, sound and light alarm (sound ≥80dB, light visibility is not less than 20m)

3.Working mode:

a) Diffuse

b) Pump type: flow rate 450 cc/min

4.4G features:

a) Gas: 8 kinds of gas background display

b) Meteorological: wind speed, wind direction, temperature, humidity background display

c) Power, GPS positioning background display

4.3 Vehicle body parameters:

1. Basic function: four-wheeled mobile robot

2. Walking mechanism: wheel type

3. Tire specification: 13*5-6

4. Tire style: off-road tires (replaceable road tires, grass tires)

5. Turning diameter: rotate in place

6. Weight: ≤80kg

7. Rated load capacity: 50kg

8. Maximum linear speed: ≥2.0m/s(stepless speed change)

9. Straight running deviation: ≤5%

10. Braking distance: ≤0.5m

11. Chassis height: 105mm

12.Climbing ability: ≥70% (or 35°) (off-road tires)

13. Vertical obstacle height: ≥120mm

14. Wading depth: ≥220mm

15.Continuous walking time: ≥2h

16. Wireless remote control distance: ≥500m

17. Protection level: Robot machine protection level IP65

18. Power: Electric, lithium battery

19. Supply voltage (DC) : 48V

20.Size: ≤ length 1015mm× width 740mm× height 425mm




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