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Explosion Proof Firefighter Robot RXR-C12BD 1.2M/S Speed With 120kg Weight

Explosion Proof Firefighter Robot RXR-C12BD 1.2M/S Speed With 120kg Weight

    • Explosion Proof Firefighter Robot RXR-C12BD 1.2M/S Speed With 120kg Weight
    • Explosion Proof Firefighter Robot RXR-C12BD 1.2M/S Speed With 120kg Weight
  • Explosion Proof Firefighter Robot RXR-C12BD 1.2M/S Speed With 120kg Weight

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: Topsky
    Model Number: RXR-C12BD

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1set
    Packaging Details: Aluminium case
    Delivery Time: 60days
    Payment Terms: T/T
    Supply Ability: 10sets/month
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    Detailed Product Description
    Weight: 120kg Size: 860*700*1600mm
    Speed: 1.2M/s Chassis Clearance: 100mm
    Obstacle Climbing: 250mm Control Distance: 1000m

    Explosion Proof Fire Extinguisher Robot RXR-C12BD 1.2M/S Speed 120kg Weight


    RXR-C12BD explosion-proof fire detection and reconnaissance robot is a kind of special robot, which uses lithium battery power as the power source.

    Use wireless remote control to remotely control the fire reconnaissance robot. It can be used in various large petrochemical enterprises, tunnels, subways and other increasing oil and gas, poisonous gas leaks and explosions, tunnels, subway collapses and other hidden dangers. Fire extinguishing robots play a pivotal role in rescue and rescue, mainly replacing firefighters Special equipment for rescue in dangerous fire or dense smoke fire scene. This product has functions of fire extinguishing, audio and video reconnaissance, toxic and harmful gas reconnaissance, and environmental reconnaissance in disaster areas;

    Overall performance parameters
    2.1 Application: Fire extinguishing, reconnaissance, petrochemical and other flammable and explosive environments

    2.2 ★ Traction: ≥4000N

    2.3 Walking speed: 0 ~ 1.6m / s, remote control stepless speed change

    2.4 ★ Climbing ability: 80%

    2.5 Continuous walking time: ≥2.5h

    2.6 Endurance: ≥10h

    2.7 Remote control distance: 1km

    2.8 Control mode: wireless remote control

    2.9 ★ Explosion-proof type: Exd [ib] Ⅱ B T4 Gb

    2.10 Protection level: IP65

    2.11 Obstacle crossing ability: 150mm obstacle; can adapt to grassland, sand, snow, gravel, tidal flat and other environments

    2.12 Machine weight: ≤520Kg

    2.13 ★ Wade depth: 500mm

    2.14 ★ Straight deviation: <2%

    Third, the chassis parameters
    3.1 Dimensions: length 1270mm width 800mm height 1085mm

    3.2 Walking mechanism: all-terrain high-strength track, internal metal skeleton

    3.3 Turning radius: turning in place

    3.4 Power: 3000W * 2

    3.5 Chassis height: 140mm from the ground at the lowest point

    3.6 Roll stability angle: ≥45 °

    Fourth, the thermal imaging system parameters
    4.1 Resolution: 384 * 288

    4.2 Temperature measurement range: -20-550 ℃

    4.3 Visible light multiple: 33 times

    4.4 PTZ parameters: horizontal 0 ° -360 °, vertical -90 ° -90 °

    V. Reconnaissance System Parameters

    5.1 Environmental awareness

    5.1.1 Lifting mechanism: equipped with automatic lifting platform

    5.1.2 ★ Lifting height: initial height 1085mm, height after lifting 1885mm

    5.1.3 Detection categories:

    CO2: 0-5% VOL

    CH4: 0-100% VOL

    CO: 0-1000ppm

    H2S: 0-100ppm

    CL2: 0-1000ppm

    NH3: 0-100ppm

    O2: 0-30% O2

    H2: 0-1000ppm

    Temperature range: -25 ° C to 60 ° C

    Humidity range: 0% RH to 90% RH

    5.2 Video perception

    5.2.1 The video system consists of a fixed infrared camera and an infrared camera on the lifting platform.

    5.2.2 The body camera can provide clear images and dynamic image stabilization under 0.001LUX low light; the camera should have zero-light

    It can still be effective at the same time; the camera definition improves "1080P" and has Internet transmission.

    5.2.3 Collect the scene conditions clearly and display them on the LCD screen of the operation terminal.

    5.2.4 With driving assistance line, 304 stainless steel, 5-15 meters infrared light automatically turns on, 1/3 Aptina 0238

    Million HD images with IP68 protection

    5.2.5 Technical requirements for sound collection: The pickup distance is 5 meters, the frequency range is 20Hz ~ 20kHz, and the sensitivity is


    Configuration parameters of remote control terminal
    6.1 Overall dimensions: 390 * 265 * 70mm (excluding the height of the joystick)

    6.2 Overall weight: 5.5kg

    6.3 Display: no less than 10-inch high-brightness LCD screen, 4-way video signal switching

    6.4 Working time: 8h

    Seven, other intelligent auxiliary functions
    7.1 ★ Autonomous obstacle avoidance function: if an obstacle is encountered within 2 meters in front, it will automatically stop moving forward

    7.2 ★ image acquisition function: 4 kinds of high-definition infrared camera acquisition. It is also equipped with a lifting system, which can be raised to a height of 2 meters to achieve long-distance viewing distance and water cannon tracking in front and rear directions, and the vehicle body walking route.

    7.3 Infrared temperature measurement function: Measure the on-site temperature (-50-350 ° C) through infrared sensors, and at the same time equipped with temperature measurement function inside and outside the car, intuitive body temperature

    7.4 Automatic spray cooling function: alarm temperature can be set to automatically achieve dual spray cooling

    7.5 ★ Waterproof knotting function (optional): Double knot structure to realize waterproof knotting

    7.6 ★ Water hose self-shedding function (optional): Remote remote control operation to realize automatic water dropping

    7.7 ★ Automatic power generation and automatic recoil suppression function: The main motor of the robot adopts power generation braking to convert the recoil into electrical energy during water spraying;

    7.8 Sound collection function: It can collect live sound remotely to understand the situation of trapped persons

    7.9 ★ Environmental detection function: equipped with an automatic lifting platform, which can detect temperature, humidity, and 8 kinds of gases (CO2, CO, H2S, CH4, CL2, NH3, O2, H2)

    7.10 ★ Internet function: Image data can be uploaded using the Internet and equipped with GPS positioning function

    7.11 On-site rescue function: Has a certain load capacity, can tow the rescue vehicle into the rescue site, and can take people to achieve rescue

    7.12 ★ Voice control function (optional): Robot functions can be operated by command voice

    7.13 Integrated control platform: Equipped with a 10 ”display, which can realize the function of controlling robots and water cannons on the same wireless operating platform

    7.14 ★ Emergency transportation plan (optional): Robot-specific transport trailer or robot-specific transport vehicle

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