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Disinfection Anti Epidemic Pressurized Water Fire Extinguisher Flexible Operation

Minimum Order Quantity : 1 Packaging Details : Customized box
Payment Terms : T/T, L/C, Western Union Supply Ability : 10sets/month
Place of Origin: China Brand Name: Topsky
Model Number: LT-EQR5

Detail Information

Screen: 12inch High Light LCD Screen Size: 967*646*750mm(inc PTZ)
Weight: 100KG Image System: 360°panorama Image System
Wireless Control Distance: 500m Wire Control Distance: 1000m
High Light:

pressurized water fire extinguisher


water spray fire extinguisher

Product Description

Disinfection and anti-epidemic robot wireless control spray

EQR5 is a disinfection and anti-epidemic robot. As a kind of special robot, it uses lithium battery power as the power source and uses wireless remote control to remotely control the fire-fighting robot. The whole vehicle adopts Christie's independent suspension design to better achieve heavy-duty shock absorption, adapt to a variety of complex road conditions, and drive more smoothly. Equipped with a pulse mist sprayer and a 6.5L medicine box, the effective spraying distance can reach 5 meters, and the killing area can reach 10,000 square meters per hour, effectively diluting the aerosol concentration. Simple operation, flexible operation and high operating efficiency, instead of manually entering dangerous and polluted environment for disinfection. Used in hospitals, schools, shopping malls, industrial parks, parks and other public environment disinfection, farms, urban sewers and other dangerous polluted places for hygienic and epidemic prevention; dengue fever kills mosquitoes, cockroaches, fruit flies and other vector organisms; agricultural crops, garden nurseries, Forest and fruit trees, greenhouse greenhouse plant diseases and insect pests control, food and agricultural product processing site disinfection and sterilization, fire drills, film and television shooting, etc.

2. Specification

2.1 Application areas: areas with severe toxic epidemics
2.2 Killing area: 10000㎡ / h
2.3 Medicine tank capacity: 6.5L
2.4 Killing distance: up to 5 meters
2.5 Walking speed: 0 ~ 5km / h, remote control stepless speed change
2.6 Dimensions: 1800 * 800 * 750mm (including the length of the fog gun), 1050 * 800 * 750mm (excluding the length of the fog gun)
2.7 Climbing ability: 30 °
2.8 Continuous full speed walking time: ≥2h
2.9 Endurance: ≥10h
2.10 Remote control distance: 500m
2.11 Control mode: wireless remote control
2.12 Protection level: IP65
2.13 Obstacle crossing ability: 180mm obstacle; can adapt to grassland, sand, snow, gravel, beach
2.14 Machine weight: ≤175Kg

Chassis parameters

3.1 Dimensions: 1050 * 800 * 500mm

3.2 Body structure: All-terrain high-strength track, all-metal skeleton

3.3 Turning radius: turning in place

3.4 Power: 750W * 2

3.5 Chassis height: the lowest point is 100mm from the ground

3.6 Roll stability angle: ≥45 °

3.7 Battery: lithium battery, 48VDC, 40Ah

4. Fog machine system parameters

4.1 Product Features:
The medicine box and fuel tank are stamped and manufactured with high-quality stainless steel plate, which is sturdy and durable;
The whole shoe cover is made of new lightweight alloy material with compact and elegant structure;
Lightweight heat protection net, in line with international safety standards;
It can spray powder, spray smoke, and spray water spray.
Enhanced combustion chamber, spray efficiency is 30% higher than similar;
Easy disassembly of patented technology, easy maintenance of the machine without tools;
Easy to start and less trouble; easy maintenance.

4.1 Start-up mode: One-button start / manual start Dual mode

4.2 Water spray mist range: up to 5 meters

4.3 Fuel consumption: 1.6 ~ 1.8L / H

4.4 Spray volume: 5 ~ 80L / H

4.5 Maximum power: ≥19.0KW

4.6 Fog particle diameter: less than 30 microns

4.7 Medicine tank volume: 6.0L

4.8 Medicine tank pressure: 0.15 ~ 0.3bar

4.9 Fuel tank capacity: 1.4L

4.10 Fuel tank pressure: 0.1 ~ 0.15bar

4.11 One-key start power: 12V high power lithium battery

4.12 Fuel: 92 # or above clean gasoline

4.13 Net weight: 8.2 KG

4.14 Dimensions: 1330 * 300 * 320mm

5 Remote contorl specification

5.1 Size: 230mm × 155mm × 135mm
5.2 Antenna: Internal / External
5.3 Emergency stop switch: mushroom type
5.4 Shell Material / Protection Grade: Engineering Plastic / IP65
5.5 Operating elements: two-axis rocker + toggle switch
5.6 Frequency range: 433MHz
5.7 Distance: 500 meters
Operating temperature range: -20 ℃-+ 70 ℃

6.Operation Manual

6.1 Robot body starts:


  • The round metal switch at the tail of the robot body is the main power switch of the car body. The operation method is pressing.
  • Remote control operation:

Step 1: As shown in the figure 1 (power switch), switch to the ON position, the power indicator light is on, you can operate the second step;
Step 2: Pull out the 2 (emergency stop switch) as shown in the figure, the car body has no abnormal movements, and the signal indicator flashes before performing the second step;
Step 3: operate as shown in Figure 3 (walking operation joystick). This joystick is a dual-axis omnidirectional joystick, which can directly control operations such as forward, backward, turn left, turn right;

  • Mist machine operation:

1. Liquid medicine filling: Open the liquid medicine tank lid, do not overfill when adding liquid medicine, it is advisable not to overflow, the medicine tank lid must be closed tightly after adding the liquid medicine.

2. Gasoline filling: open the gasoline tank cover, do not overfill when filling gasoline, it is advisable not to overflow, gasoline filling 92 # or above clean gasoline, gasoline cap must be closed tightly after adding gasoline.

3. Filling the carburetor: Press the carburetor by hand (about ten times) for the first time to let the oil in the fuel tank enter the carburetor. Everywhere.

4. Oil quantity regulating valve switch: 2 oil quantity regulating valve switches are opened at the same time.

5. Start button: first open the fog regulating valve, press and hold the ignition switch for about 5-10 seconds to start the device for the first time.

6. Equipment shutdown: Close the fog regulating valve first, and then turn off the power.

7.Daily care and maintenance

  • Note: For all maintenance and repair, you need to cut off the power of the car body before performing maintenance and maintenance!
  • 7.1 The robot uses a crawler walking method made of flame-retardant antistatic rubber molds. The rubber is prone to wear when walking on sand or a roadbed with poor road conditions. After each trip, check the rubber crawler for serious damage. Whether some foreign matter is entangled, if it is entangled or entrained, to avoid driving, please stop the power supply and clean up the foreign object in time.
  • The robot uses a large-capacity lithium battery as the power source. If the robot's body is not used for 30 days, it is recommended that the robot should be no-loaded for 20 minutes every 30 days, and then charge the robot. The charging should use a special car body charger ; Make sure the battery power shows 54.8v is the best storage condition.


8.1 Transportation requirements: If the robot runs out of power and needs to be transported if it cannot be driven, a forklift can be used. The position of the forklift can be lifted from the front of the robot for transportation. It is strictly forbidden to infiltrate the hand or pull the track during the transportation. At the same time, make sure that the power switch is off before moving.

9. Packing list

9.1 One disinfection and epidemic prevention robot
9.2 Car body charger
9.3 A remote control charger
9.4 A remote control (including charger and antenna)

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