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1700 Degrees Composite Forest Fire Shelter Fire Fighting Equipment

Minimum Order Quantity : 1 Set Delivery Time : 10 working days
Payment Terms : T/T, Western Union Supply Ability : 1000sets/Month
Place of Origin: China Brand Name: TOPSKY
Model Number: RLBL-LT2.0

Detail Information

Name: Fire Fighting Equipment RLBL-LT2.0 Forest Fire Shelter Size: 1700mmX700mmX400mm; 1800mmX800mmX450mm
Name: Fire Fighting Equipment
High Light:

composite forest fire shelter


1700 degrees forest fire shelter

Product Description


RLBL-LT2.0 Forest fire shelter


Forest fire shelter is a kind of emergency self-rescue escape equipment made of aluminum foil composite material used by forest firefighters when besieged by forest fire and smoke. The surface layer is composed of two layers of material: aluminum foil refractory cloth and aluminum foil glass fiber cloth. It has excellent high temperature resistance, heat resistance and insulation, and the temperature can reach 1700 degrees.1. Basic requirements

1. Every firefighting person who enters the fire site for firefighting operations should carry a fire hood;

2. Users should be trained in the use of fire hoods before they can participate in fire suppression operations;

3. The user should carefully read the manual of the fire hood used before using it, and be familiar with its performance and operation methods;

4. When working on the fire extinguishing site, users should wear fire extinguishing clothes, protective boots, fire safety helmets (protective glasses) and protective gloves.


1. After the fire shelter is unfolded, the overall shape is small and large

2. There are pressure bands around the bottom, hollow in the middle

3. Size: 1700mmX700mmX400mm; 1800mmX800mmX450mm


1. The user should check the production date of the fire shelter before use, and it should be used within the validity period;

2. Check whether the outer packaging of the fire shelter is intact, whether the packaging is damaged, and the packaging is intact before use;

3. Selection of the use location of the fire shelter

When time permits, remove combustible materials on the ground. A clean ground can minimize the contact between the forest fire and the fire shelter and reduce the possibility of the gas produced by the forest fire being ignited inside the fire shelter . The fire shelter must not be deployed on the downwind and uphill where there is a large amount of combustible materials.

3.There are the following requirements for the choice of fire shelter use location:

Choose areas with scarce or clean combustible materials, such as natural fire escapes, wide river beds, wet grass, swamps, etc., and flat areas on slopes. Because the flame and hot air flow upward, this area can make people in the flame. And below the convective heat radiation


The storage method of the fire shelter should pay attention to the following points:

1) The fire shelter is easily damaged during transportation and storage, and needs regular inspection to ensure that the fire shelter is intact;

2) The fire shelter should be checked when entering and leaving the warehouse, and if oxidation is found, if there are large holes or long cracks, the entry and exit should be prohibited;

3) The storage shelf life of the fire shelter is five years, the storage temperature is 10 ℃-35 ℃, and the humidity is kept at 40% or less.


The precautions during the use of the fire shelter are as follows:

1) When unfolding the fire shelter , be sure to fix the fire with arms, legs, and feet. This can prevent the fire shelter from being blown away by the wind, and can enter and exit the fire shelter at any time;

2) In the fire shelter , keep the nose and mouth as close as possible to the ground, so that you can breathe clean and cool air;

3) It is forbidden to bring flammable materials into the fire shelter , such as matches, gasoline, etc.;

4) It is forbidden to bring sharp fire fighting equipment into the fire shelter , such as: knife, axe, etc., to avoid scratching the fire shelter ;

5) The fire shelter is only for single use, and it is forbidden for two or more people to use it together;

6) There is no fixed time to avoid the forest fire in the fire shelter , and you must wait until the danger is lifted;

7) After the fire shelter is opened, it can only be used once and cannot be reused;

8) Use fire shelter as required to avoid brutal operations.

9) The fire shelter is a passive self-rescue equipment, which cannot guarantee the absolute safety of the user. When the flame directly burns to the fire shelter , it will destroy its safety performance. It is forbidden to bring the fire shelter into high-risk areas and locations.

1700 Degrees Composite Forest Fire Shelter Fire Fighting Equipment 01700 Degrees Composite Forest Fire Shelter Fire Fighting Equipment 1

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