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Explosion Proof Multimode Radar 50m Life Detector

Minimum Order Quantity : 1 Set Delivery Time : 10 working days
Payment Terms : T/T, Western Union Supply Ability : 50 Sets/Month
Place of Origin: China Brand Name: TOPSKY
Model Number: YSR

Detail Information

Name: Fire Fighting Equipment YSR Explosion-proof Multi-mode Radar Life Detector Detection Distance: Greater Than 50m
Penetrating Ability: The Thickness Of The Brick-concrete Structure Solid Wall Is Greater Than 50cm; Number Of Detections: Detect More Than 3 Living Organisms At One Time
Explosion-proof Grade: Exib IIC T6 Gb
High Light:

50m life detector


multimode life detector

Product Description

Explosion Proof Multimode Radar 50m Life Detector 0Explosion Proof Multimode Radar 50m Life Detector 1Explosion Proof Multimode Radar 50m Life Detector 2



Explosion-proof multi-mode radar life detector is a three-dimensional composite emergency rescue based on sound, frequency, electricity, magnetism, wave and other technologies in one, using sound detection, microwave detection, electromagnetic induction, video detection and other principles Life search and rescue system.

The explosion-proof multi-mode radar life detector consists of an explosion-proof wireless video telescopic detector, an explosion-proof radar life detector, an explosion-proof wireless audio detector, and an explosion-proof receiving display. It can detect more than three living bodies in the tested area at one time and in all directions.

The explosion-proof wireless video telescopic detector uses a high-definition camera, equipped with a carbon fiber telescopic rod and a gooseneck. The material is light and can be easily extended to more than 1 meter. The length can be adjusted according to the actual situation. The gooseneck at the top can be bent at any angle , Easily penetrate the camera module into a small area, real-time transmission of high-definition pictures back, and support for voice transmission.

The explosion-proof radar life detector uses advanced YSR30 type radar, penetrates a certain thickness of shielding medium with the help of electromagnetic waves, detects the life information of human survivors, and detects various micromotions such as breathing and heartbeat caused by human life activities. To achieve the purpose of finding survivors.

Explosion-proof wireless audio detectors are equipped with high-sensitivity sensors that can detect vibrations of various frequencies, capture extremely weak sounds, and transmit them back. The device is equipped with multiple vibration modules to monitor sounds and vibrations in all directions.

The explosion-proof receiving display can receive and process the information of video, radar, and micro-vibration, and display the data on the tablet. The tablet has simple operation, friendly interface, and is extremely easy to use.

Multi-mode radar life detector is currently the most advanced three-dimensional composite emergency rescue life search and rescue system, currently widely used in fire, earthquake, civil defense and other fields.


1. Integrate audio and video detection, radar detection, and micro-vibration detection into one, and converge on the same platform. The three modes complement each other, data sharing, mutual verification, and fusion calculation. They can be operated simultaneously and switched easily;

2. The wireless communication distance is greater than 150 meters;

3. The equipment can be connected to the emergency equipment cloud platform;

4. The product passed the explosion-proof certification;

5. Explosion-proof wireless video telescopic detector: the material of the handheld video module is light, and the length and angle can be adjusted arbitrarily to achieve high-definition video transmission and voice calls;

6. Explosion-proof radar life detector: It can penetrate concrete walls of more than 50cm, adopt novel biomedical signal processing technology, detect multiple targets at one time, can capture the breathing information of blurred conscious people, and accurately locate;

7. Explosion-proof wireless audio detector: equipped with 4 micro-vibration sensors, with wide detection band, comprehensive detection of audio and microwave vibration;

8. Not limited by the detection site, non-contact detection can be achieved for the target object, and the detection efficiency is high;

9. Integrated design, easy to carry, the weight of the whole machine is ≤13kg, the shell design is suitable for the harsh environment of fire disasters, the size is ≤520×430×225mm

10. Has independent intellectual property rights and system software copyrights and related certifications.

Main parameters (★ is a key parameter)

1. Detection type: video detection, microwave detection, vibration detection;

2. Detection distance: greater than 50m;

3. ★ Penetrating ability: The thickness of the brick-concrete structure solid wall is greater than 50cm;

4.★Number of detections: detect more than 3 living organisms at one time;

5.★Explosion-proof grade Exib IIC T6 Gb

6. Antenna frequency: 2.4GHz;

7. Wireless communication distance: greater than 150m;

8. Power consumption: less than 50W;

9. Power supply method: lithium battery;

10. Protection grade: IP65;

11.★Continuous working time: more than 4 hours

12. Size: less than 520×430×225mm

13. Weight: less than 13kg

14. Working temperature: -20~+60℃

15.★System composition:

The standard configuration:

Explosion-proof radar life detector×1

Explosion-proof wireless video telescopic detector×1

Explosion-proof wireless audio detector×4

Explosion-proof receiving display × 1

Protection box×1

★Product certification:

The product passed the inspection report of the National Fire Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center

☆Explosion-proof radar life detector has explosion-proof certificate

☆Explosion-proof wireless audio detector has explosion-proof certificate

☆Explosion-proof receiving display has explosion-proof certificate

☆Explosion-proof wireless video telescopic detector has an explosion-proof certificate


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