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Unmanned Aerial Vehicle UAVS Fire Extinguishing Equipment

Minimum Order Quantity : 1 set Delivery Time : 10 working days
Payment Terms : T/T, Western Union Supply Ability : 50 Sets/Month
Place of Origin: CHINA Brand Name: TOPSKY
Model Number: LT-UAVFP

Detail Information

Name: LT-UAVFP Fire Extinguishing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAVS) UAV Type: Four-axis Eight-rotor
Body Wheelbase: 1850mm Overall Dimensions: 1850mm*1850mm*800mm
Flight Speed: 0-16m/s
High Light:

UAVS Fire Extinguishing Equipment


Fire Extinguishing Equipment UAVS

Product Description

LT-UAVFP Fire extinguishing unmanned aerial vehicle (UAVS)

  • Overview

The LT-UAVFP Fire extinguishing unmanned aerial vehicle (UAVS) is mainly composed of a rotary-wing drone and an ultra-fine dry powder fire extinguisher. With the high maneuverability and high flexibility of the drone, it can mount fire extinguishing bombs and fire extinguishing equipment and quickly lift off to reach a designated location. After the height, the fire extinguishing bomb will be broken according to the needs, and then the dry powder will be fired from the window position through the special nozzle to spray the high-level fire. The remote wireless control operation realizes the rapid, safe and effective fire extinguishment, and kills the fire as much as possible. status. Mainly used for fire fighting in high-rise buildings in cities. At the same time, the imaging module of the unmanned aerial vehicle can be used to collect and transmit the situation of the fire scene to the on-site command department, and conduct emergency management and command on the situation of the fire scene to provide strong support for the rescue.

  • Features

1★60kg super load, bring greater safety redundancy

2★High strength 3K carbon fiber frame, good rigidity and light weight

3★Provide one-key automatic return home, runaway return home, low voltage alarm function

4 ★ Remote wireless start of fire extinguisher

5★The broken window fire extinguishing bomb contains ultra-fine dry powder, which can be used for fire fighting

三,Technical specs

UAV platform

1 UAV type: four-axis eight-rotor

2 Body wheelbase: 1850mm

3 Overall dimensions: 1850mm*1850mm*800mm (arm extended, blade extended)

650mm*650mm*800mm (arm folded)

4 Flight speed: 0-16m/s

5 Maximum relative flying height: 1200m

6 Maximum wind speed: 8m/s

7 Signal effective distance: 3-5 km (open without obstruction, without electromagnetic interference)

8 Body weight (including battery): 50kg

9 Maximum takeoff weight: 120kg

10 ★ Maximum payload: 60kg

11 No-load flight time: 30-40 min,

12 Cargo flight time: 12-15 min

13 Battery capacity: 12S*4@46000mah

14 Hovering accuracy: horizontal ±0.5m, vertical ±0.5m

15 ★Safety function: one-key automatic return to home, out of control return home, low voltage alarm

16 ★Flight mode: attitude/GPS full height setting (attitude mode height setting function: in the case of weak or missing GPS signal, the height setting function can still be realized, which is convenient for working between urban buildings with weak GPS signal)

Handheld ground station

1★Portable ground station, weight less than 1.5kg

2 ★ Duration of flight: ≥1.5h

3★Control distance: ≥5km

4 Support all aircraft operations and powder fire extinguishing functions

5 Mobile terminal display, convenient and fast

Reconnaissance function

1 Front-facing 2 million pixel camera, convenient operation and fire detection

2 The headlamp can be turned on remotely: the headlamp can be turned on remotely, which is convenient for night lighting operation

Forcible entry function (Window)

1 Main body material of the projectile: aluminum alloy

2 Full bomb length: ≤995mm

3 Full bullet weight: ≤3010g

4 ★ Type of fire extinguishing agent: ABC ultrafine dry powder

5 ★ Thickness of broken window: ≥12mm thick tempered glass

6 ★ Net weight of dry powder fire extinguishing agent: ≥1100g

7★Single fire extinguishing capacity: 9.2m3 (fully submerged)

8 Starting current: ≥700mA

9 Starting voltage: ≥12V

10 Safe current: ≤150mA for 5 minutes

11 ★ Maximum range: ≤50 meters

12 Launch velocity: ≤35m/s

13 Launch distance: 15-20m

14 Dry powder spray lag time: 5s~6s;

15★Intensity: EY≤1.0m, EZ≤1.0m, 11°~13° shooting angle, target at 20m

16 Launch noise: ≤170db;

17 Front recoil and recoil: ≤1.5Kgm/s

18 ★ Overall structure: fully sealed, waterproof, moisture-proof, dust-proof, anti-static, anti-electromagnetic interference

19 ★ Fire extinguishing method: non-explosive, dry powder slow-release spray, dry powder atomization, full flooding

20 Shelf life: ≥5 years

Dry powder extinguishing function

4.2.1 Overall weight (with powder): 2*7kg (2 ordinary 5kg dry powder fire extinguishers)

4.2.2★Quality of fire extinguishing agent: 2*5kg (can be filled with ordinary dry powder and superfine dry powder, and can be used repeatedly)

4.2.3 ★ Radio remote control start

4.2.4★Protection volume: 25m³

4.2.5 ★ Can quickly extinguish A, B, C fires and live electrical fires

4.2.6 ★ Dry powder spraying time: ≥30s

4.2.7 Canned pressure: 1.2Mp

4.2.8 Opening mode: electronic quick opening

4.2.9 Starting voltage: DC 24V

4.2.10 Installation method: Quick-hanging

4.2.11★Dust tube material: carbon fiber Telescopic length: 4.8m unfolded (the shortest can be reduced to 1.2m)

4.2.12★Effective spray distance: ≥5m

四,Packing list

1. Four-axis eight-rotor drone

2. Handheld remote control

3. Drone power battery

4. Power battery charger

5. Maintenance kit

6. Working kit (including 5kg dry powder fire extinguisher, fire extinguishing bomb launcher, fire extinguishing bomb)



Unmanned Aerial Vehicle UAVS Fire Extinguishing Equipment 0Unmanned Aerial Vehicle UAVS Fire Extinguishing Equipment 1Unmanned Aerial Vehicle UAVS Fire Extinguishing Equipment 2



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