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Strong Chemical Resistance Firefighter Fire Suit Light And Soft Fabric

Minimum Order Quantity : 1 set Price : USD1000-USD1200
Packaging Details : Export package Delivery Time : 10 working days
Payment Terms : T/T
Place of Origin: China Brand Name: TOPSKY

Detail Information

Name: Strong Chemical Resistance The Light And Soft Fabric Firefighter Chemical Protective Suit Overall Air Tightness: 197pa
Air Tightness Of Exhaust Valve:: 27s Exhaust Valve Ventilation Resistance: 140pa
Flame Retardancy (flame Burning Time: 1.7s Seam Strength: 940N
High Light:

chemical resistance firefighter fire suit


soft fabric firefighter fire suit


chemical resistance firefighter fireproof suit

Product Description

strong chemical resistance the light and soft fabric Firefighter chemical protective suit



1. Product overview

The suit includes an airtight one-piece suit covering the entire body, a supplied air respirator rucksack, a large transparent visor, an air-tight zipper, one-piece chemical resistant shoes, changeable gloves and a vent valve . When used with a supplied-air respirator, airflow enters the mask through the supply valve. Exhaled air is discharged into the chemical protective suit through the exhalation valve of the mask, causing a slight overpressure in the chemical protective suit. The gas is discharged from the chemical protective suit through the overpressure exhaust valve on the protective suit. There is enough space inside the hood for the wearer to wear the safety helmet and to freely turn the head to read the compressed air pressure gauge. The wide sleeves also allow the user's hands to be freed from the gloves and sleeves, allowing them to move freely within the suit.

Firefighter protective clothing is one of the important equipment to protect the personal safety of firefighters who are active in the front line of firefighting. Therefore, it is particularly important to adapt to firefighters' protective clothing for rescue activities at the fire scene.

2. Scope of application

Military departments such as satellites and missile launch bases are also applicable to administrative departments such as petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, health and epidemic prevention.

3. Product Features

The fabric made of multi-layer film material provides excellent chemical protection performance;

On the basis of meeting the strong chemical resistance, the light and soft fabric can still bring good comfort;

The fabric material is light, effectively reducing the load of firefighters;

Glove connection ring device can quickly change gloves without tools;

The anti-chemical boots are made of seamless injection molding, which has the functions of anti-chemical, anti-smashing, anti-puncture and insulation;

The chemical protective clothing is equipped with a ventilation system distribution valve, which can be used for cooling inside the protective clothing;

The garment is sewn with hot melt tape, which can effectively improve the seam protection level and strength.

Fourth, the main technical indicators

Overall air tightness: 197pa

Air tightness of exhaust valve: 27s

Exhaust valve ventilation resistance: 140pa

Tensile strength: 25KN/m in warp direction; 23KN/m in weft direction;

Tear strength: 75N in warp direction; 70N in weft direction

Flame retardancy (flame burning time): 1.7s

Flameless flame retardancy (flameless burning time): 1.0s

Flame retardant performance (damage length): 7.0cm

Seam strength: 940N

Glove puncture resistance: 48N

Puncture resistance of boot sole: left 1325N; right 1330N

Anti-skid performance: left 24.5°; right 24.5°

Anti-smashing performance:

Pressure resistance test: Left 1: 22mm; Right 1: 22mm

Impact test: Left 2: 22mm; Right 2: 22mm

Mass: 5.619kg

Strong drop rate:

98% Sulfuric Acid: Warp: 18.10; Weft: 15.22

30% hydrochloric acid: warp: -0.77; weft: 9.43

60% Nitric Acid: Warp: 5.19; Weft: 8.74

40% sodium hydroxide: Warp: -11.70; Weft: 1.81

Penetration time and penetration time (min):

98% sulfuric acid: >90

30% hydrochloric acid: >90

60% nitric acid; >90

40% sodium oxychloride: >90

Strong Chemical Resistance Firefighter Fire Suit Light And Soft Fabric 0

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