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Inspection Patrol Robot Automatic Manual Modes Real Time Control Smart Sensors

Minimum Order Quantity : 1 set Price : USD80000-USD100000
Packaging Details : Export package Delivery Time : 30 working days
Payment Terms : T/T Supply Ability : 2 Sets/Month
Place of Origin: China Brand Name: TOPSKY
Model Number: LT-ZXD12

Detail Information

Name: Patrol Inspection Robot LT-ZXD12 Work Environment Temperature:: -35 ~ 75 ℃;
Work Humidity: : 5-95%, No Condensation Input/output Voltage/power:: AC127-220V/DC12V, 4A/200W
Walking Mechanism:: Hanging Track Horizontal Movement Speed:: 0.5m/s
High Light:

automatic inspection patrol robot


smart sensors manual patrol robot


real time control security patrol robot

Product Description

Patrol inspection robot LT-ZXD12




1.Product description
The inspection robot is equipped with a variety of smart sensors such as infrared thermal imaging sensors, gas sensors, audio sensors, 360 -degree video instruments, etc., which can collect, storage, transmission. Determine the fault and fault position of the equipment, completely replace the artificial inspection, reduce the risk of labor, and improve the intelligent management level of the underwell.
Large conveyor alleyway / underground water pump room / underground substation / urban comprehensive pipe gallery / cable pipe gallery / high -speed tunnel / petroleum petrochemical / chemical plant / coke plant / farm ...



Products can be switched with automatic inspection and manual inspection:

Automatic inspection mode can be monitored

Local high temperature in the cable and equipment in the roadway

The local space in the roadway is abnormal temperature change

Sudden gas in the roadway changes abnormal

Whether the roller and drum of the lane lane belt machine are damaged

Sudden abnormal abnormalities such as explosion, friction, impact, etc. in the roadway

The phenomenon of illegal operations in the lane is strictly prohibited from the residence of regional personnel

Voice warnings in different positions in the roadway

The conveyor belt in the roadway runs off

Transmitting materials in the roadway conveyor delivery material identification monitoring

2.Manual mode can be realized

Remote voice -through intercom functional function


2.1.1 Video collection

The robot body is equipped with a "dual spectrum" gimbal camera in this -type "dual spectrum", which uses 30x optical zoom 1080P to visible light imaging and 10 times the 720P infrared thermal imaging. On -site work conditions, the overall all -round visual monitoring of the lane lanes can be achieved.

2.1.2 Infrared temperature measurement

The non -contact infrared thermal image temperature measurement principle is adopted. By capturing the hot infrared rays radiated by the device, the temperature value of the surface of the device can accurately detect the surface of the device, and the hot -looking image is formed. The temperature distribution of the equipment is intuitively displayed, and the high temperature failure point is quickly located.

2.1.3 Audio collection

The audio acquisition is used to use standard sound sensors to complete the acoustic characteristics of noise, and support the analysis processing software to automatically identify abnormal sounds such as the abnormal sound of the roller and the explosion sound, thereby achieving the "listening" of artificial inspections.

2.1.4 Gas detection

Equipped with gas sensors to detect gas concentrations such as carbon monoxide, methane, hydrogen sulfide, and oxygen in the environment to achieve over -limit warning.

2.1.5 Smoke detection

Equipped with a smoke detection sensor, detecting the concentration of smoke in the environment, warning over the limits to prevent fire accidents.

2.1.6. Fixed -point monitoring

When the device inspectes to the instrument area, automatically read the pointer/digital instrument data, transform it into a digital signal, and store it to the upper machine. When the value exceeds the threshold, a sound alarm signal is issued.

2.1.7. Belt running partial monitoring

The visual system adopts deep learning target detection algorithm (YOLO3)+traditional CV algorithm to identify the edge of the belt to compare with the edge of the roller. When the belt runs more than the threshold, summarizes the running position and the degree of running as the alarm information The upper machine.

2.1.8 Belt torn fixed value inspection monitoring

Laser contour scanning set visual algorithm, real -time monitoring and identifying damage, gum, scratches, tearing and other injuries on the surface of the conveyor belt on the target belt.

2.1.9. Monitoring the belt steel wire rope core and joint fixation

Using electronic beam real -time monitoring internal damage and sulfide joint strength and displacement status of the belt, the alarm sends a stop signal at the same time when the value is over set.

2.1.10 Material foreign body identification

Use image algorithms, thermal imaging and audio data to monitor the abnormalities in real time, identify foreign objects in large pieces of stones, anchor rods, metal iron and other materials, and monitor the operating status of the conveyor belt in real time.

2.1.11. AI coal flow monitoring

The video algorithm is used in real time to accurately identify the vacuum, low flow, and full flow of measurement points in real time; the dynamic monitoring error of material flow is less than ± 1.0%; and the spray size control is achieved according to the actual material flow to achieve the best dust reduction effect.

2.1.12 Remote control positioning

The product can switch between automatic inspection and manual inspection. The manual level is higher than the automatic inspection. The remote control inspection robot can quickly reach the designated location.

2.1.13 Remote video intercom

Controlled inspection robots move to the designated location, and video conferences with on -site personnel to achieve the upper and lower command operations.

2.1.14 Wireless communication

The directional wireless mode is adopted to establish and achieve big data wireless transmission and 5G signal coverage in the roadway, and realize the real -time transmission of the acquisition information of the robotics during the mobile. The maximum long distance of the directional transmission can reach 1km, and the transmission rate can reach a maximum of 30Mbps.

2.1.15. Monitor automatic power monitoring and independent charging

Use lithium battery power to power and automatically detect battery power. When the remaining power is insufficient, actively find the nearest wireless charging pile Charging.

2.1.16 Data storage query function

The data collected by the device and the processing results after processing are stored on the remote upper machine, so that they can inquire about historical data in the future.

2.1.17 Sudden processing

When an emergency is encountered in the roadway, in the case of unknown accidents, manual remote control inspection robots can take the lead in arriving at the scene of the accident for preliminary investigations to avoid personnel damage to the greatest extent.

2.2 Feature


1,Artificial Intelligence AI Learning

2.1 Use computers to simulate the information process of human brain thinking, use large databases to make cognitive modeling, machine perception, machine thinking, build a computer's own knowledge system, and continue to learn independently during use.

2.2 Intrinsically safe design

The robot body adopts the design of this security. It has higher electrical reliability and stability. The weight is light and small in size. It can be inspected for a long time to operate more energy and stable. Anbiao Name: Explosion -proof Ben'an mobile inspection platform, coal security certificate number: MAB170437.

2.3 40 degrees break degree walking

Multiple rounded hoeing design can realize the complex walking environment of the large tilt angle of the roadway.

2.4 Wandering on track

The rail -type inspection robot is moved according to the route specified during the design and construction. The path is relatively fixed and does not affect the traffic of the staff and the normal operation of other equipment.


4.Main Specifications

) Work environment temperature: -35 ~ 75 ℃;

2) Storage temperature: -40 ~ 85 ℃;

3) Work humidity: 5-95%, no condensation;

4) Input/output voltage/power: AC127-220V/DC12V, 4A/200W;

5) Walking mechanism: hanging track;

6) Horizontal movement distance: full charging, horizontal roadway running continuously ≥5km;

7) Horizontal movement speed: 0.5m/s;

8) Flat Endurance time: 5H;

9) Charging time: 4H;

10) Signal control protocol: PELCO-D and other supporting assistance instructions are available;

11) Transmission protocol: RS-485, RS-232, Ethernet, 4G, 5G, wireless wifi, electric line carrier, etc.;

12) Wireless network transmission bandwidth: 300m;

13) Camera: 30 times optical zoom, 5 million pixels;

14) Infrared thermal portrait: Resolution: 384 × 288, temperature measurement range: -20 ℃ ~+150 ℃;

15) Global parameters: horizontal angle: 0 ° ~ 360 °, vertical angle: -90 ~+90 °;

16) Anti -interference: Electromagnetic and radio frequency interference is emitted at 1.2m from the electronic equipment (frequency 400-500MHz, 5W power), which does not affect its normal work;

17) Dimensions: 550mm in length × 260mm width × height 260mm;

18) The body weight: ≤20kg;

19) Climbing angle: ≤40 °;

20) Turn radius: level ≥1.5m, vertical ≥2m;

21) Transmission distance: 600 ~ 1000m transmission distance between base stations;

22) Intelligent budget function: Maximum support of 300 smart preset points;

23) Positioning system: Support; support;

24) Timed automatic cruise: support; support;

25) Unmanned in the background: support; support;

26) Automatic avoidance of obstacles: support;

27) Signal collection: support image, sound, temperature, smoke and other data;

28) Mobile app and web display: support;

29) Video data retention: support, resolution 1080p, 120 frames/seconds, default retaining for 30 days.


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