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High Temperature Rescue Reconnaissance Robot Remote Control Smoke Extraction

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Topsky
Model Number: RXR-YC50000BD
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1set
Price: USD75000/set
Packaging Details: Aluminium case
Delivery Time: 60days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 10sets/month

Detail Information

Weight: 430kg Size: 1550*1475*1140mm
Working Pressure: 1.0-1.4mpa Chassis Clearance: 100mm
Obstacle Climbing: 220mm Control Distance: 1000m
High Light:

fire protection equipment


fire department equipment

Product Description

Fire smoke exhaust reconnaissance robot integrated smoke extraction and reconnaissance function.

The system adopts all terrain structure, the front and rear double swing arm and track can deal with almost all complex terrain, 2 * 2 metal tire is deployed at high speed, and it ensures the high temperature resistance of the robot.

Self developed super smoke extractor, generate water mist, fast cooling and smoke removal;

The system is equipped with an explosion proof multi environment detection device developed by Beijing Ling autonomous region. The possible major hazards include 13 kinds of parameters, such as toxic and harmful gases, radiation heat, nuclear radiation, dust concentration, noise, temperature and humidity.

Equipped with 360 degree panoramic image system, 360 degrees monitoring without dead angle, panorama software is used to connect the 4 camera images into panorama, which is convenient for operator to control robot;

Module structure design, easy dismantle and assembly.


  1. Features:

1, 4 arm at front & rear + metal track and tire structure, maximum speed and improve the performance of overcoming obstacles, while metal tires can be anti high temperature, suitable for high temperature in fire fighting and rescue.

2, environmental monitoring: detect the surrounding gas (toxic gas, combustible gas, etc.), temperature, humidity, heat radiation, nuclear radiation and other monitoring equipment equipped with imaging system;

3, equipped with imaging system, 360 degrees monitoring without dead angle, easy for operators to control the robot;

4, Remote control smoke extraction;


3. Specifications:

With smoke exhaust, reconnaissance functions

1) robot body

* structure: front & rear 4 arm crawler + metal + tire , effectively improve running speed and the performance of overcoming obstacles, metal tires can be anti high temperature, suitable for high temperature in fire fighting and rescue.

It is equipped with 360 degree panoramic imaging system, 360 degree panoramic surveillance hassle, with 4 camera image mosaic software into panorama, convenient for the operator to control robot

Size: 1000 *1050 *380 mm, ground 100 mm, swing arm horizontal expansion 1780mm, swing arm vertical erected 780 mm high;

Tire: 15 inch * width 15 mm vacuum tire;

Track: car body 80 mm wide, swing arm 50 mm wide;

Maximum speed: 0-2m/s, remote control stepless speed change;

Climbing ability: 35 degrees; Swing arm rotation: 180 degrees

Battery: rechargeable lithium battery, 48V10AH, remaining capacity display; Working time: 2-5 hours;

Camera: 360 degree panoramic image system; Communication: 1000m;

Load capacity: 300KG; Tire diameter: 15 inches

Climbing ability: 30 degrees Stair climbing ability: 30 degrees Height of obstacle crossing: 250mm

2) environmental parameter detection:

* PM2.5/PM10:0 ~ 1000 ug/m³ accuracy: 15ug/m³ This noise 0130.0dB accuracy: 1dB.

Temperature: -20-100 C, accuracy: 1 c Humidity: 0-100%RH, accuracy: 1%RH

* nuclear radiation: 0.01 ~ 5000 uSv/h, precision: 3000CPM/mR/h

* 0 - radiant heat: 300 DEG C, precision: 1.5%

SO2 (sulfur dioxide): 0-50ppm, PPM precision: 0.1

NO:0-50ppm, precision: 0.1 ppm NO2:0-50ppm, precision: 0.1 ppm NH3:0-100ppm, precision: 0.1 ppm

CO:0-5000ppm, precision: 1 ppm CH4:0-100%VOL, accuracy: 0.1% CO2:0-5%VOL, accuracy: 0.01%

* 360 degrees from the spray cooling system: high temperature resistance.

3). Equipped with 360 degree surveillance imaging system, no dead angle, convenient for the operator to control the robot

4) parameters of smoke extractor

1. row air volume m3/h:55046

2. work flow (L/min): 620

3. rated working pressure (MPA):1.0

4. elevation angle: 0~30

5) control box parameters

1. control box: protective box

2. display: 12 inch high brightness LCD screen;

3.display image: 360 degree panoramic image system;

4. control: walk for high quality rocker, the swing arm is 2 button;

5. battery: rechargeable lithium battery, full power working time 3-5 hours, highlight the LED power display;

6. protection level: IP65

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