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RXR-MC80BGD Explosion-proof firefighting and scouting

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Topsky
Model Number: RXR-MC80BGD
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1set
Price: USD75000/set
Packaging Details: Aluminium case
Delivery Time: 60days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 10sets/month

Detail Information

Weight: 564kg Size: 1520*1340*1265mm
Working Pressure: 1.0-1.4mpa Chassis Clearance: 150mm
Obstacle Climbing: 550mm Control Distance: 1000m
High Light:

fire protection equipment


fire department equipment

Product Description

RXR-MC80BGD explosion-proof fire extinguishing reconnaissance robot is a kind of special robot. It uses lithium battery power as the power source and uses wireless remote control to remotely control the fire extinguishing robot. It can be used in various large-scale petrochemical companies, tunnels, subways, etc., where there are increasing oil and gas, poisonous gas leaks and explosions, tunnels, subway collapses and other disasters. Special equipment for rescue at the scene of dangerous chemical fires or dense smoke fires. This product has the functions of fire fighting, audio and video reconnaissance, toxic and harmful gas reconnaissance, and environmental reconnaissance in disaster areas.
2,Product Characteristics

1. ★High explosion-proof level

The whole is Exd[ib] II BT4Gb

The explosion-proof grade of the battery is Exd[ib] II CT6Gb

  • High protection level

The overall protection level is IP67

The chassis protection level is IP67

3. ★Various types of toxic and harmful gases

Up to 8 kinds of gases, 2 kinds of environmental parameters

4. ★Fast driving speed

Reach 5.72Km/hour, That's three times higher than the industry standard

  • Swing arm to assist obstacle crossing

Front and rear swinging arm structure design, vertical obstacle crossing height is greater than or equal to 600mm

  • Multifunctional use

It has the functions of fire extinguishing, reconnaissance, obstacle crossing, especially for complex road crossing reconnaissance

  • Access to the robot networked cloud platform

Real-time status information such as the location, power, audio, video, and gas environment detection information of the robot can be transmitted to the cloud through the 4G/5G network, and can be viewed on the back-end PC and mobile terminals

3,Main technical index

3.1 Whole machine:

1. Name: Explosion-proof fire-fighting reconnaissance robot

2. Model: RXR-MC80BGD

3. Basic functions: fire fighting, audio and video reconnaissance, toxic and hazardous gas reconnaissance, environmental reconnaissance in disaster areas;

4. Implementation of fire protection industry standards: "GA 892.1-2010 Fire Robots Part 1 General Technical Requirements"

5. Implementation of explosion-proof standards: GB3836.1 2010 "Explosive Environment Part 1: General Requirements for Equipment", in line with GB3836. 1-2010 "Explosive Environment Part 2: Equipment Protected by Flameproof Enclosures", CB3836. 4 2010 " Explosive environment Part 4: Intrinsically safe protection equipment National Standard

6. ★Explosion-proof type: robot machine Exd [ib] Ⅱ B T4 Gb, lithium battery power supply device: Ex d IIC T6 Gb

7.★Protection level: The protection level of the robot body is IP67, and the protection level of the robot body is IP67.

8. Power: electric, ternary lithium battery

9.★Size: ≤ length 1350mm*width 920mm*height 1260mm

10. ★Steering diameter: ≤1586mm

11.★Weight: ≤670kg

12.★Traction force: ≥3585N

13.★Water supply capacity: water supply by three water collectors (3 DN80 water inlet ports)

14. Towing distance: ≥80m (towing two DN80 enrichment hoses)

15. ★Maximum linear speed: ≥1.59m/s, remote control stepless speed

16. ★Straight deviation amount: ≤0.30%

17. Braking distance: ≤0.16m

18.★Climbing ability: ≥83.9% (or 40°)

19.★Vertical obstacle height: 600mm

20. Roll stability angle: ≥40 degrees

21.★Wade depth: ≥500mm

22. Continuous walking time: 2h

23. Reliability working time: through 16 hours of continuous stability and reliability test

24. Remote control distance: 1000m

25. Video transmission distance: 1000m

26. ★Load capacity: can tow rescue vehicles into the rescue scene; can tow obstacles through the towing ring

27. ★Panorama monitoring function: can remotely display 360-degree images of the robot body

28. ★ Attitude display function: real-time detection of the robot's pitch angle, roll angle, and azimuth angle, so that the operator can try to grasp the robot state, and return the value to the remote control terminal for the next correct command operation

29. Autonomous obstacle avoidance function: When encountering obstacles within 2 meters ahead, the speed is halved, and when encountering obstacles within 1 meter, it will automatically stop moving forward.

30.★Automatic spray cooling function: It has a three-layer water curtain self-spray cooling design, which sprays and cools the robot body to form a water curtain covering the whole robot, ensuring that the battery, motor, control system and key components of the robot are in Normal operation in high temperature environment; user can customize the alarm temperature

31. Automatic power generation and recoil suppression function: The main motor of the robot adopts power generation braking, which converts recoil force into electric energy in sprinkler fire extinguishing;

32.★Robot crawler: Fire-fighting robot crawler should be made of flame-retardant, anti-static and high-temperature resistant rubber; the interior of the crawler is a metal skeleton; it has a crawler anti-derailment protection design;

33. Waterproof belt knotting function (optional): through the double universal structure, it can be rotated 360 degrees to prevent the water belt from knotting

34. Automatic hose off function (optional): remote control operation realizes automatic hose off, ensuring that the robot can return lightly after completing the task

35. Control terminal: handheld remote control terminal with integrated picture and data

3.2 Robot fire extinguishing system:

1. Fire monitor: domestic explosion-proof fire monitor/imported fire monitor

2. Type of fire extinguishing agent: water or foam

3. Material: cannon body-stainless steel, cannon head-aluminum alloy hard oxidation

4. Working pressure (Mpa): 1.0-1.2 (Mpa)

5. Spray method: DC and atomization, continuously adjustable

6. ★Water/foam flow: 80L/s water, 75L/s foam

7. Range (m): ≥85m, water;

8. ★Rotation angle: horizontal -45°~+45° (The swing arm is at an Angle of 70° with the track ground), vertical -18°~90°

9. Maximum spray angle: 120°

10. Follow-up camera: Water cannon follow-up camera, resolution is 1080P, wide-angle is 60°

11. Infrared hot eye tracking function (optional): With infrared hot eye tracking function, it can detect and track heat sources through infrared thermal imaging.

12. Foam tube: The foam tube can be replaced. The replacement method is quick plug. The fire water monitor can spray water, foam and mixed liquid to achieve multiple functions in one shot and switch between DC and spray modes.

3.3 Robotic reconnaissance system:

By configuring gas meters, environmental monitoring modules, infrared cameras, infrared thermal imaging cameras, pickups and other vehicle-mounted equipment, remote surveillance of toxic and harmful gases at the accident site, environmental conditions in the disaster area, video, and audio can be carried out; an explosion-proof lifting platform equipped with environmental detection Sensors and cameras can measure and analyze toxic and combustible gases, audio and video, and the environment at different heights on site;

1. ★Reconnaissance system configuration: 6 vehicle-mounted explosion-proof infrared cameras, 1 multi-parameter tester, 1 temperature and humidity detector

2. ★The lifting height of the explosion-proof lifting platform: initial height: 1065mm, height after lifting: 1870mm

3. ★Gas and environment sensing detection module: equipped with wireless emergency rescue rapid deployment detection system and temperature and humidity detector, which can detect: temperaturehumidityH2SCOCH4CO2CL2NH3O2H2

1. 4. Infrared temperature measurement function: Infrared temperature measurement sensors are equipped inside and outside the car to monitor the internal temperature of the car body and the field temperature (-50-350°C)

3.4 Robot video perception:

1. ★ Number and configuration of cameras: The video system is composed of 6 fixed high-definition infrared cameras on the body to realize the observation of the front and back direction of sight and 360 panoramic images of the robot body;

2. Camera Illumination: The camera on the body can provide clear images under 0.001LUX low illumination, with dynamic anti-shake; the camera should be able to effectively and clearly capture the scene at zero illumination and display it on the LCD screen of the operating terminal

3. ★Panorama monitoring function: can remotely display 360-degree images of the robot body

4. Camera pixels: millions of high-definition images, resolution 1080P, wide-angle angle 60°

5. ★ Camera protection level: IP67

6. Technical requirements for sound collection: remote collection of on-site sound, easy to understand the situation of trapped persons, pickup distance 5 meters, frequency range 20Hz~20kHz, sensitivity ≥40dB

7. Infrared thermal imager (optional): equipped with infrared thermal imager to detect and track heat sources; infrared thermal imager has image anti-shake function; has image acquisition and real-time transmission function; has visual fire source search function . And the testing equipment must be explosion-proof, the original certificate is available for inspection

3.5 Remote terminal configuration parameters:

1. Dimensions: 410*310*70mm (excluding rocker height)

2. Whole machine weight: 6.5kg

3. Display: no less than 10 inches high-brightness LCD screen, 4-channel video signal switching

4. Control system platform: window7 operating system

5. Working time: 8h

6. Basic functions: The remote control and the monitor are integrated and portable, with an ergonomic strap; they can be watched and controlled at the same time, and the environment around the scene can be stably presented to remote operators, and the battery and robot can be displayed in real time Slope angle, azimuth angle status, toxic and harmful gas concentration alarm information, etc., control the robot's forward, backward, and turn movements; control the water cannon to do up, down, left, right, direct current, atomization, self-swing and other actions. It has image anti-shake function; it has the function of collecting and real-time transmission of 360-degree panoramic images of the front, rear, and around the robot. The data transmission method is wireless transmission using encrypted signals.

7. ★Panoramic monitoring function: can display 360-degree images of the robot body in real time (this parameter is consistent with the test report of the National Fire Equipment Quality Supervision and Inspection Center)

8.★Video recording and playback function: video can be recorded at any time, the recorded video content is automatically saved, the video can be played directly on the remote control terminal, or the video can be copied to other devices

9. ★With projection screen function: can be connected to projection equipment such as projectors through HDMI interface, which is convenient for operation commanders to discuss and make decisions together

10. Walking control function: Yes, 1 three-axis industrial joystick, 1 joystick to realize the flexible operation of the robot forward, backward, left turn and right turn

11. Fire monitor control function: Yes, 1 three-axis industrial joystick, one joystick can control the water monitor to do up, down, left, right, DC, and atomization actions

12. Control and reconnaissance system lift switch: Yes, self-reset jog switch

13. Video switch: Yes, self-reset jog switch

14. Control the automatic tow belt function: Yes, self-reset jog switch

15. Lighting control function: Yes, self-reset jog switch, the host computer does self-locking response

16. Auxiliary tools: handheld remote control terminal shoulder strap, movable tripod

4.6 Internet Functionality:

1. GPS function (optional): GPS positioning, track can be queried

2. ★ It can be connected to the robot cloud management platform (optional): the robot name, model, manufacturer, GPS location, battery power, video, temperature, humidity, CO2, CO, H2S, CH4, CL2, NH3, O2 can be connected , H2 data is transmitted to the cloud management platform through the 4G/5G network, and the robot status can be checked in real time through the PC/mobile terminal. It is convenient for commanders to make decisions and equipment managers to manage the whole life cycle of robots

4.7 Others:

★ Emergency transportation scheme (optional) : robot special transport trailer or robot special transport vehicle


1. Explosion-proof fire-fighting reconnaissance robot×1

2. Handheld remote control terminal × 1

3. Car body charger (54.6V) × 1 set

4. Remote control charger (19.6V) × 1 set

5. Antenna (digital transmission) × 2

6. Antenna (picture transmission) × 3

7. Robot cloud management platform × 1 set (optional)

8. Robot emergency transport vehicle × 1 (optional)

6,Product Certification

1. Explosion-proof certification of the whole machine: Exd[ib]IIBT4Gb, provide original explosion-proof certificate for reference

2. Explosion-proof power box for fire-fighting robots: Exd ⅡC T6 Gb, original explosion-proof certificate is provided for reference

3. Explosion-proof and intrinsically safe control box for fire-fighting robots: Exd[ib]IIBT4Gb, original explosion-proof certificate is provided for reference

4. Fire-fighting robot water cannon to control explosion-proof motor: ExdIIBT4GB, provide original explosion-proof certificate for reference

5. Main drive explosion-proof motor for fire-fighting robot: ExdIIBT4GB, original explosion-proof certificate is provided for reference

6. Explosion-proof certification of gas and environment sensing detection module: ExdibIICT5GB, original explosion-proof certificate is provided for reference

7. ★Fire protection certification for gas and environment sensing detection module: passed the inspection of the National Fire Equipment Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, and provide the original for reference

8. ★Explosion-proof lifting platform explosion-proof certification: ExdIIBT5GB, original explosion-proof certificate is provided for reference

9.★ Inspection report of crawler material for fire-fighting robot: inspection report of National Coal Mine Explosion-proof Safety Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center

10.★Passed the inspection by the Testing Center of Coal Science and Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd., the protection level of the robot body is IP67, and the protection level of the robot body is IP65

11.★The automatic water cut-off protection device has obtained the invention patent through the State Intellectual Property Office, and the original is provided for reference



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