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Smoke Exhausting Automatic Fire Fighting Robot 1.0mpa

Minimum Order Quantity : 1set Packaging Details : Aluminium case
Delivery Time : 60days Payment Terms : T/T
Supply Ability : 10sets/month
Place of Origin: China Brand Name: Topsky
Model Number: RXR-MY120BD

Detail Information

Name: Smoke Exhausting Automatic Fire Fighting Robot 1.0mpa Keyword: Automatic Fire Fighting Robot
Working Pressure: 1.0-1.4mpa Chassis Clearance: 100mm
Obstacle Climbing: 550mm Control Distance: 1000m
High Light:

smoke exhausting automatic fire fighting robot


1.0mpa automatic fire fighting robot


1.0mpa autonomous fire fighting robot

Product Description

RXR-MY120BD explosion-proof fire-fighting and smoke-exhausting robot


The RXR-MY120BD explosion-proof fire-fighting and smoke-exhausting robot uses lithium battery power as the power source, and rescuers can control it from a distance.
This product can be applied to various large-scale dangerous chemicals, high-rise building construction, long-span commercial buildings, factories, commercial enterprises, mines, tunnels, subways and other accident rescue, mainly replacing firefighters in performing dangerous rescue tasks.
This product has functions of fire extinguishing, smoke exhaust, audio and video surveillance, toxic and harmful gas surveillance, and environmental surveillance in disaster areas;
This robot has obtained the following certifications or passed the inspection of authoritative institutions
Passed the test of National Fire Equipment Quality Supervision and Inspection Center;
Passed the inspection of the explosion-proof safety product quality supervision and inspection center
Possess firefighting robot system software, computer software copyright registration certification
Selected as a key emergency product list in Beijing
This product has an independent patent, utility model patent certificate number 201720095014.5; 201620549875.1 "
Technical parameters
Model RXR-MY120BD
Basic functions: audio and video reconnaissance, toxic and harmful gas reconnaissance, and environmental reconnaissance in disaster areas;
Implementation of Fire Industry Standard GA 892.1-2010 Fire Robots Part 1 General Technical Conditions
Implementation of GB3836.2010 standard GB3836.1 2010 "Explosive environment Part 1: General requirements for equipment", in accordance with GB3836. 1-2010 "Explosive environment Part 2: Equipment protected by flameproof enclosure", B3836. 4 2010 "Explosive Environment Part 4: Intrinsically Safe Protected Equipment "national standard, meeting Exd [ib] 1IBT4 flameproof and intrinsically safe explosion-proof requirements;
Explosion-proof type Exd [ib] Ⅱ B T4 Gb
Power electric
Remote control distance (m)
Video transmission distance (m)
Protection class IP65
Autonomous obstacle avoidance function When an obstacle is encountered within 2 meters ahead, it will stop automatically.
Automatic spray cooling function It has a water curtain self-spray cooling design, which sprays and cools the water pipeline of the robot body to form the water curtain cover of the robot, ensuring that the battery, motor, control system and key components of the robot are in a high temperature environment. Can work normally
Automatic power generation and automatic suppression of recoil force With water curtain self-spraying and cooling design, spray cooling water pipe to the robot body to form the water curtain cover of the robot, ensuring that the battery, motor, control system and key components of the robot are at high temperature Can work normally in the environment
Introduction The robot adopts a shock-absorbing chassis design. The inside of the track is all metal skeletons. The outside uses high temperature resistant and flame retardant rubber, which meets the requirements of flame retardant and anti-static. It has a track anti-tracking protection design. It ensures that the robot can still walk after the high temperature external rubber melts.
"Robot crawlers" fire-resistant robot crawlers must use flame-retardant anti-static high-temperature rubber
Inside the track are all metal skeletons
With track derailment protection design;
With independent hydraulic damping system; "
Reconnaissance system
Introduction "By deploying gas instruments, environmental monitoring modules, infrared cameras, infrared cameras, pickups and other vehicle-mounted equipment, you can remotely detect toxic and harmful gases at the scene of the accident, environmental conditions, video and audio in the disaster area;
The explosion-proof lifting platform is equipped with environmental detection sensors and cameras to realize the analysis and analysis of toxic flammable gases, audio and video, and the environment at different heights on site (optional) "
Lifting height of explosion-proof lifting platform Initial height: 1340mm, height after lifting: 2030mm
Gas and environment sensing detection module can detect: temperature humidity nuclear radiation thermal radiation VOC SO2 NO2 NO CO CH4 CO2;
Number and configuration of cameras The video system is composed of 2 fixed HD infrared cameras in the fuselage to achieve front and rear viewing distances and water cannon tracking. An optional 4-channel superimposed panoramic image is optional to form a 5-channel video surveillance system.
Technical requirements for sound collection (optional) The sound can be collected remotely to understand the situation of the trapped person. The pickup distance is 5 meters, the frequency range is 20z-20kz, and the sensitivity is ≥40.
Explosion-proof infrared thermal imager (optional) Equipped with infrared thermal imager to detect and track the heat source; infrared thermal imager has the function of image anti-shake; it has the function of image acquisition and real-time transmission; it has the function of visual fire source search.
remote control
Overall dimensions (mm) 406 * 330 * 174
Machine weight (kg) ≤8kg
Display no less than 10.4-inch high-brightness LCD screen, 4-way video signal switching
Working hours (h) 8

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