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High Accuracy Explosion Proof Track 1600N Inspection Robot In Dangerous Places

Minimum Order Quantity : 1 set Packaging Details : Wooden case
Delivery Time : 10 working days Payment Terms : T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability : 50 Sets/Month
Place of Origin: China Brand Name: TOPSKY
Model Number: OPR12

Detail Information

Name: High Accuracy Explosion-proof Track Inspection Robot Protection Level: IP67
Power: Electric, Ternary Lithium Battery Traction: ≥1600N
Line Maximum Speed: ≥2.2m/s, Remote Control Stepless Speed 11.climbing Capacity: ≥30°
High Light:

dangerous places inspection robot


inspection robot in dangerous places


1600N inspection robot

Product Description

High accuracy Explosion-proof track inspection robot







I. Product Overview

The explosion-proof track inspection robot is used in dangerous places such as petrochemical and other dangerous places which require explosion-proof grade, instead of manual inspection, which is of great significance to reduce labor intensity, reduce labor risk and improve production safety. It can reduce the labor intensity of workers, reduce the harm to workers' body under bad working conditions, improve the accuracy, real-time, reliability, prejudgment and intelligence of fault detection, and greatly improve the maintenance efficiency and reduce the downtime period.

The inspection robot is installed on the rail and adopts various operation modes to adapt to the operation of the inspection in complex environment. Carry on the inspection to the running equipment along the line, ensure the equipment to run stably, carry on the high-definition video pick-up equipment to realize the dynamic cruise, the scene video pick-up, the intelligent identification instrument data, remove the manual meter reading link. A variety of toxic and harmful gas detection to ensure the safety of the operating environment. Two-way voice intercom, emergency command in emergency situations. Independent wireless charging, intelligent detection of electricity automatic charging, all-day support operation. Has the obstacle avoidance function, prevents the machine to hit the accident. With thermal imaging function, accurate detection of equipment operating temperature, fire prevention. Background information management, real-time summary of detection data, problem feedback is clearer.

II. Scope of application
  • Large petrochemical enterprises, tank areas, open-pit mines and other areas of on-site inspection.
  • Working environment of dangerous flammable and explosive sites such as petroleum and chemical industry.
  • Roadways, tunnels and other long-distance work environment not suitable for human inspection
III. Product characteristics
  • ★ multifunctional uses
    Audio and video inspection, transportation with fire extinguishing devices, two-way voice, visual analysis of field instrumentation and other heat source anomalies
  • High ★ accuracy
    Positioning accuracy ±10 mm
  • Detection of ★ toxic and harmful gases
    8 gases and 2 environmental parameters
  • ★ fast
    Patrol speed 0.5 m/s, maximum speed 2.2 m/s
  • ★ Access Robot Network Cloud Platform

The robot's position, power, audio, video, gas environment detection information and other real-time state information, can be transmitted through G/5G 4 network to the cloud, background PC and mobile can be consulted

IV. Key technical indicators

4.1 Robots:

1. Name: Track Patrol Robot

2. Model: OPR12

3. ★ basic functions: audio and video inspection, instrument identification, toxic and harmful gas detection, temperature identification, abnormal information alarm

4. Protection level: IP67 of robot body protection level

5. Power: Electric, ternary lithium battery

6. ★ size :≤ length 770 mm× width 385 mm× height 620 mm★ steering diameter :≤1425

7. Weight :≤60 kg

8. ★ traction :≥1600 N

9. ★ line maximum speed :≥2.2 m/s, remote control stepless speed

10. ★ braking distance :≤0.1 m

11. ★ climbing capacity :≥30°

12. ★ duration :8 h

13. ★ load capacity: additional load ≥60 kg

14. Autonomous obstacle avoidance function: the front 2 meters range encountered obstacles, speed halved within 1 meter range encountered obstacles, to achieve automatic stop forward

15. Control mode: autonomous control

4.2 Robot inspection system:

Through the configuration of gas meters, environmental monitoring module, infrared camera, infrared thermal imager, pickup and other airborne equipment, can work on the site of toxic and harmful gases, inspection site environmental conditions, video, audio inspection; background software to identify and analyze the instrument;

1. ★ software system: instrument identification, working environment (temperature and humidity, toxic gas) abnormal alarm,

2. ★ inspection system configuration :1 cloud head ,1 temperature and humidity detector

3. ★ gas and environment sensing detection module: load wireless emergency rescue rapid deployment detection system and temperature and humidity detector, can detect: temperature range: -25°C to 60°C C

Humidity range: RH to 90 per cent RH 0 per cent

H2S: 0-100 ppm

CO: 0-1000 ppm

CH4: VOL 0-100 per cent

CO2: 0-5 per cent VOL

CL2: 0-1000 ppm

NH3: 0-100 ppm

O2: 0-30%

H2: 0-1000 ppm

4. Infrared temperature measurement function: cloud head equipped with infrared temperature sensor for monitoring the internal temperature and field temperature (-20-300°C)

4.3 Robot video and audio perception:

1. ★ number and configuration of cameras: the video system consists of 6 fixed high-definition infrared cameras in the fuselage to realize the visual distance before and after observation and 360 panoramic images of the robot body;

2. Camera illumination: fuselage camera can provide clear image at 0.001 LUX low illumination, dynamic anti-shake, camera should have zero illumination can effectively and clearly collect the scene situation, and display on the industrial control computer

3. ★ cloud head protection grade: IP68

4. Technical requirements for sound acquisition: remote acquisition of field sound, pickup distance of 5 meters, frequency range of 20 Hz~20 kHz, sensitivity ≥40 dB

5. ★ infrared thermal imager: equipped with infrared thermal imager, heat source detection and tracking, temperature abnormal background alarm; infrared thermal imager has image anti-jitter function; image acquisition and real-time transmission function; Has the visual heat source search function.

4.4 Internet functionality:

1. ★ can access the robot cloud management platform (optional): the robot name, model, manufacturer, GPS location, battery power, video, temperature, humidity, CO2,CO,H2S,CH4,CL2,NH3,O2,H2 data can be transmitted to the cloud management platform through 4 G/5G network, and the robot status can be consulted in real time by PC/ the mobile phone end. It is convenient for command personnel to make decisions and equipment managers to manage the whole life cycle of robots

4.5 Other:

★ emergency rescue plan (optional): equipped with dry powder fire extinguishing device

High Accuracy Explosion Proof Track 1600N Inspection Robot In Dangerous Places 0

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