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Fire 100m Remote Controlled Demolition Robot RXR-J150D

Minimum Order Quantity : 1set Price : USD75000/set
Packaging Details : Aluminium case Delivery Time : 60days
Payment Terms : T/T Supply Ability : 10sets/month
Place of Origin: China Brand Name: Topsky
Model Number: RXR-J150D

Detail Information

Weight: 2110kgs Size: 3120mm* 800mm* 1440mm
Traction Force: ≥10000N Dozer Thrust: ≥10000N
Climbing Ability: 58% (or 30°) Control Distance: 100m
High Light:

100m remote controlled demolition robot


fire fighter robot 100m


remove obstacles remote controlled demolition robot

Product Description

Fire Demolition Robot RXR-J150D



It can replace people in toxic (polluted), collapsed, strong radiation and other special dangerous rescue places, and can also remotely control robots for building demolition, concrete drilling and cutting, tunnel excavation, emergency rescue, metallurgical furnace slagging and lining removal , The maintenance of the rotary kiln and the decommissioning of nuclear facilities to avoid casualties;

Scope of application

  • Fire rescue for large petroleum and chemical companies
  • Tunnels, subways and other places that are easy to collapse and need to enter rescue and fire fighting
  • Rescue in an environment where flammable gas or liquid leaks and explosion may be extremely high
  • Rescue in environments with heavy smoke, toxic and harmful gases, etc.
  • Rescue in an environment where close fire is required and people are prone to casualties after approaching



  • ★ In the same level of machines, the power is greater and the driving force is stronger;
  • ★ The robot can be turned on and off remotely, and the diesel engine is used as power, which is more powerful than battery-powered robots and has a longer battery life;
  • ★ Equipped with multi-functional break tool head, with multiple operation modes such as cutting, expanding, squeezing and crushing;
  • ★ Environmental detection function (optional): The robot system is equipped with an environmental monitoring module to detect on-site smoke and dangerous gases;

Technical parameters:

4.1 The whole robot:

  • Name: Fire Demolition Robot
  • Model: RXR-J150D
  • Basic functions: multi-functional break-down tool head, with multiple operation modes such as cutting, expanding, squeezing, and crushing;
  • Implementation of fire protection industry standards: "GA 892.1-2010 Fire Robots Part 1 General Technical Requirements"
  • ★Chassis structure: ATV hydraulic crawler chassis is adopted
  • ★Power: diesel engine (27kw) + hydraulic pump system
  • Dimensions: length 3120mm*width 800mm*height 1440mm
  • ★Walking width: ≤800mm
  • ★Walking height: ≤1450mm
  • Weight: 2110kg
  • ★Traction force: ≥10000N
  • ★Dozer thrust: ≥10000N
  • ★Maximum straight-line speed: ≥0~3km/h, remote control stepless speed
  • ★Climbing ability: 58% (or 30°)
  • Remote control distance: 100m
  • ★Rescue capability: built-in push shovel, which can be used to remove obstacles; built-in traction ring at the tail, can carry rescue materials to the disaster site, and can tow rescue vehicles into the rescue site;


4.2 Multifunctional system:

① Hydraulic hammer:

Impact force (joule): ≥250

Impact frequency (times/min): 600~900

Drill rod diameter (mm): 45

② Multifunctional grab (optional):

Maximum opening (mm): ≥700

Grabbing weight (kg): ≥150

Capacity (L): ≥21

Width (mm): ≤480

Function: It has the functions of grabbing, collecting and transferring, 360 degree rotation

③ Multifunctional grabber (optional):

Clamping weight (kg): ≥150

Maximum opening (mm): ≥680

Function: It has a rotating function for grabbing, handling, clamping and transferring large items

④ Shearing expander (optional):

Shearing force (KN): ≥200

Expansion force (KN): ≥30

Function: With rotation function, it can complete cutting, expansion, splitting and picking operations

⑤ Dozer (optional):

Length * width (mm): ≤780*350

Lifting height (mm): ≥670

Function: Used as a fixed support when clearing obstacles and positioning the car body

⑥ Electric winch (optional):

Drive mode: electric drive

Function: Towing and drag trapped vehicles and equipment, also used for self-rescue traction


4.3 Robot fire extinguishing system (optional):

  • Fire monitor: domestic electronically controlled fire monitor
  • Type of fire extinguishing agent: water or foam
  • Material: gun body-stainless steel, gun head-aluminum alloy hard anodized
  • Working pressure (Mpa): 1.0~1.2 (Mpa)
  • Spray method: direct current, atomization, low-expansion foam
  • ★Water/foam flow rate: 80L/s
  • Range (m): 85m (water)
  • ★ Rotation angle: horizontally rotates with the vehicle rotating table, and vertically rotates with the mechanical arm
  • Maximum spray angle: 120°
  • Foam tube: The foam tube can be replaced, and the replacement method is quick connection. The fire water monitor can spray water, foam and mixed liquid, so that one shot can be used for multiple purposes.


4.4 Robot reconnaissance system (optional):

By configuring gas instruments and environmental monitoring modules, remote detection of toxic and harmful gases on the job site can be carried out;

  • ★Gas and environment sensing detection module (optional): equipped with wireless emergency rescue rapid deployment detection system and temperature and humidity detector, which can detect: PM2.5, noise, VOC, O3, SO2, H2S, NO, CO, CH4 ,temperature humidity;


4.5 Remote control terminal configuration parameters

  • Working time: 8h
  • Basic functions: three-proof remote control, supporting ergonomic strap; control the robot's forward, backward, steering and other movements; robotic arm controls up and down, rotation; tool set to open, close and rotate; water cannon for direct current and atomization. The data transmission method adopts encrypted signal for wireless transmission.
  • Walking control function: Yes, two single-axis industrial joysticks, one joystick realizes the forward and backward operation of the crawler on the left side of the robot, and one realizes the forward and backward operation of the right crawler
  • Fire monitor control function: Yes
  • Hydraulic hammer, multi-function grab, grabber, shearing expander and other functions: Yes
  • Lighting lamp, warning lamp control function: Yes, self-locking switch
  • Auxiliary tool: remote control terminal shoulder strap


4.6 Internet function:

1. GPS function (optional): GPS positioning, track can be queried


4.7 Other:

★Emergency transportation plan (optional): robot dedicated transport trailer or robot dedicated transport vehicle

product configuration:

  • Fire Demolition Robot×1
  • Handheld remote control terminal × 1
  • Robot charger (27.5V) × 1 set
  • Robot cloud management platform × 1 set (optional)
  • Robot emergency transport vehicle × 1 (optional)

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