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1100m Remote Control Distance Android Controlled Fire Fighter Robot Vehicle

Minimum Order Quantity : 1 set Price : USD30000-40000
Packaging Details : Export package Delivery Time : 30 working days
Payment Terms : T/T Supply Ability : 20 Sets/Month
Place of Origin: China Brand Name: TOPSKY
Model Number: RXR-M120D

Detail Information

Size:: ≤ Length 2090mmxwidth 1550mmxheight 1530mm Steering Diameter:: Left ≤2900mm
Weight:: ≥1350kg Traction:: ≥8.07KN
Water Flow:: 121.7L/s Load Capacity:: Can Drag The Load Mass ≥400kg
High Light:

1100m android controlled fire fighter robot


remote android controlled fire fighter robot

Product Description

1100m remote control distance fire fighting vehicle Fire Fighting Robot


RXR-M120D is a crawler-type medium-sized oil-powered fire extinguishing robot. Powered by diesel engine, the closed hydraulic system drives the ASV rubber track for high-speed walking, is equipped with a large flow water cannon of 120 liters per second, carries a variety of detection and monitoring sensor detection devices, and can carry DN80/ or DN65 fire hose for 120 meters. Implement remote real-time monitoring of fire sites and extinguish fires.

This product has remote control, panoramic display and other functions, and has good off-road performance; The integrated hydraulic brake device can effectively stop the car and prevent the whole machine from slipping.


Petrochemical depot and refinery fire

Fire in road (rail) tunnel

Subway, station fire

Port fire

Underground facilities and freight yard fires

Mall, hospital, building fire

Factory and civil building fire

Massive gas and smoke accident

Large fire fighting vehicles, personnel are not easy to access the fire fighting


1. High flow, high range

The fire cannon spray flow can reach 120L/s, the water range is greater than 96m, and the foam range is greater than 92m

2. High traction

The hydraulic motor drives the track to walk, the diesel engine power is nearly 30KW, and the horizontal tractive force can reach 8KN

3. Highly integrated detection

Can measure 14 kinds of gases, temperature, humidity, CO2, CH4, CO, H2S, O2, H2, NH3, Cl2, SO2, NO2, C3H8 (propane), C2H4O (acetaldehyde), C2H2 (acetylene), VOC (optional)

4. High speed

Linear travel speed is greater than 3.6m/s, remote control stepless speed change

5. High mobility

Suitable for a variety of road environments, crossing height up to 300mm; Climb up to 25° (46.6%)

6. Intelligent function (4 functions)

With voice control; Two-way voice call; Redundant communication; Access to a variety of intelligent robot network cloud platform

7. Cloud platform

Connected to the robot network cloud platform, it can remotely monitor equipment information, gas and video information, statistical analysis, automatically verify the validity of equipment, automatically remind the statistics of expired equipment information, and carry out comprehensive management and application to ensure the timeliness of equipment.

8. Multi-hydraulic output power interface

Reserved hydraulic output interface, pressure 16MPa, flow up to 25L/min, to meet the hydraulic tools and equipment requirements such as hydraulic breaking tools, hydraulic generators, hydraulic high-pressure water pumps, hydraulic welding machines

4.Main specification

4.1 Robot machine:


1. Name: Fire extinguishing robot

2. Model: RXR-M120D

3. Basic functions: fire suppression, toxic and harmful gas reconnaissance and other functions;

4. Implementation of fire industry standards: "GA 892.1-2010 Fire robot Part 1 General Technical Conditions"

5. Power: fuel power, diesel engine

6. Size: ≤ Length 2090mm× width 1550mm× height 1530mm

7. Steering diameter: left ≤2900mm; Right ≤2900mm

8. Weight: ≥1350kg

9.Traction: ≥8.07KN

10.Water flow: 121.7L/s

11.Foam flow rate: 120.6L/s

12. Water/foam range: ≥96.5m water, ≥92.3m foam

13. Load capacity: can drag the load mass ≥400kg, can drag the hose to turn

14. Ground clearance: ≥270mm

15. Maximum linear speed: ≥3.61m/s, remote control stepless speed change

16. Straight running deviation (%) : ≤0.4

17. Braking distance: ≤0.3m

18. Climbing ability: ≥25°

19.Obstacle height: ≥300mm

20. Roll stability Angle: ≥25°

21. Wading depth: ≥300mm

22. Fuel tank capacity 50L, full oil continuous operation time 6.5h

23. Reliability working time: through 16 hours of continuous stability and reliability test

24. Remote control distance: ≥1000m

25. Accessory device: with hose rack, DN80 fire hose can be configured 120 meters

26. Autonomous laser obstacle avoidance function: The detection distance is 50 meters, the obstacle is encountered within 5 meters ahead, the speed is halved, the obstacle is encountered within 2 meters, and the automatic stop is realized

27. Automatic spray cooling function: The robot comes with water spray protection function, which is opened during fire extinguishing operation

28. Robot flame retardant track (optional) : fire robot track to use flame retardant anti-static high temperature rubber; The inside of the track is a metal skeleton; Track anti-derailment protection design;

29. Hose automatic shedding function (optional) : remote control operation to achieve automatic shedding of hose, to ensure that the robot can return lightly after completing the task;

30. Control terminal: handheld digital integrated wireless remote control and wired remote control.

4.2Robot power system:


1. Engine: domestic famous brand four-stroke in-line four-cylinder water-cooled diesel engine;

2. Engine rated power (kW/rpm) : ≥30.1/2400;

3. Emission standard :GB 20891-2014 Stage IV (non-road Country IV)

4. Robot hydraulic interface can be connected to hydraulic breaking tools, hydraulic generators, hydraulic high-pressure water pumps, hydraulic welding machines and other special hydraulic equipment

5. Closed double pump: capacity 17.1ml+17.1ml; Rated pressure 25MPa+25MPa; Maximum speed 3600 rpm;

6. Gear pump: displacement 14ml; Rated pressure 16MPa; Rated speed 3600 rpm;

7. System pressure: walking pressure 25MPa;

8. System and control mode: the main system is electric proportional pump control closed walking system; The auxiliary system is open type quantitative pump + electronic control switch valve system;

9. Walking drive: the number of driving motors is 2; Maximum continuous torque 1620NM, rated working pressure 31.5MPa; Maximum input flow 198.9L/min.


4.3 Robot fire extinguishing system:


1. Fire cannon: automatic pressure regulating fire cannon

2. Fire extinguishing agent type: water or foam

3. Gun body material: aluminum alloy

4. Working pressure (Mpa) : 1.0 (MPa)

5. Injection mode: DC, atomization and self-pendulum

6.Water flow: 121.7L/s

7.Foam flow rate: 120.6L/s

8. Water/foam range (m) : ≥96.5m water, ≥92.3m foam

9. Rotation Angle: horizontal -90° ~ 90°, vertical -10° ~ 90°

10. Maximum spray Angle: 120°

11. Communication method: CAN bus

12. Pt-head camera: PT-head camera, camera resolution 1080P, 2 million pixels, 25 times optical amplification, minimum illumination: color: 0.05ux@ (F1.6, AGC ON); Black and white: 0.01@ (F1.6, AGC ON), wide dynamic 120 db, support ICR infrared filter type automatic switching, wide Angle 60°.

13. Infrared hot eye tracking function (optional) : With infrared hot eye tracking function, heat source detection and tracking through infrared thermal imaging.

14. Foam gun tube: replaceable foam tube, replacement method is quick insert, fire water cannon can spray water, foam and mixed liquid, to achieve a multi-purpose gun.

4.4 Robot reconnaissance system:


Through the configuration of gas instrument, environmental monitoring module, infrared camera, infrared thermal camera, pickup and other vehicle equipment, can be the accident site of toxic and harmful gases, environmental conditions in disaster areas, video, audio for remote reconnaissance; Equipped with explosion-proof lifting platform equipped with environmental detection sensors and cameras, to achieve the site at different heights of toxic combustible gas, audio and video, environmental measurement and analysis;

1. Reconnaissance system configuration (optional) : 6 explosion-proof infrared cameras, 1 multi-parameter detector, 1 temperature and humidity detector

2. Gas and environment sensing detection module (optional) : loaded with wireless emergency rescue rapid deployment detection system and temperature and humidity detector, can detect: CO2: 0-5%VOL

CH4: 0-100%VOL

CO: 0-1000ppm

H2S: 0-100ppm



O2:0-30% O2


Temperature range: -25°C to 60°C

Humidity range: 0% RH to 90% RH

3. Infrared temperature measurement function: the car is equipped with infrared temperature sensors inside and outside, which are used to monitor the internal temperature of the car body and the field temperature (-50-350°C).


4.5 Robot video and audio perception:

1. Number and configuration of cameras: The video system consists of 7 fixed high-definition infrared cameras on the fuselage to realize 360-degree panoramic images of the front and back directions and the robot body;

2. Camera illumination: the body camera can provide clear images at 0.001LUX low illumination, dynamic anti-shake; The camera should be able to effectively and clearly collect the scene situation at zero illumination and display it on the LCD screen of the operating terminal

3. Panoramic monitoring function: 360-degree image of the robot body can be displayed remotely

4. Camera core parameters:

1) Camera resolution 1080P, 2 million pixels, 25 times optical magnification.

2) Minimum illumination: Color: 0.05ux@ (F1.6, AGC ON); Black and white: 0.01@ (F1.6, AGC ON)

3) Wide Angle Angle 60°, wide dynamic 120 db

4) Support ICR infrared filter type automatic switching, 3D digital noise reduction, strong light suppression, backlight compensation, area focusing, 120dB ultra-wide dynamic, electronic anti-vibration

5) Resolution and frame rate: main stream 50Hz:25fps(1920 x 1080,1280×960,1280×720); 60Hz: 30fps(1920×1080,1280×960,1280×720)

Sub-stream 50Hz:25fps(704×576,640×480,352×288); 60 hz: 30 FPS (704 * 480640 * 480352 * 240)

Three-stream 50Hz:25fps(1920×1080,1280×960,1280×720,704×576,640×480,352×288); 60 hz: 30 FPS (1920 * 1080128 * 960128 * 720704 * 480640 * 480352 * 240)

5.Camera protection level: IP66

6. Technical requirements for sound acquisition: remote sound collection can be used to understand the situation of trapped personnel. The pickup pickup distance is 5 meters, the frequency range is 20Hz ~ 20kHz, and the sensitivity is ≥40dB

7. Infrared Thermal imager (optional) :

1) Equipped with infrared thermal imager, sensor type: vanadium oxide uncooled detector

2) Resolution 384 × 288, frame rate 50 Hz: 50 fps, pixel size 17μm, response band 8-14μm, thermal imaging lens focal length 9.7mm, maximum aperture value 1.0, thermal imaging close-up distance 1.5m, temperature measurement distance 9m, field of view Angle 37.5° × 28.5°

3) Temperature measurement range -20 ℃-150 ℃ or 0 ℃-550 ℃, accuracy ±2℃, support a variety of temperature measurement functions: point, line and frame temperature measurement, highlight the highest temperature through the cross cursor, detect and track the heat source;

4) The infrared thermal imager has image anti-jitter function, supporting a variety of pseudo-color, 3D noise reduction, manual AGC image detail enhancement, shutter correction, optical transmittance correction and other functions

5) It has the function of image acquisition and real-time transmission; With visual fire source search function. And the testing equipment must be explosion-proof, the original certificate for reference

4.6 Wireless Remote Control Configuration Parameters


1. Dimensions: 410*310*70mm (excluding rocker height)

2. Weight: 6.5kg

3. Display: a high brightness OLED LCD screen of no less than 10 inches, touch, image, digital integration of high integrated screen more convenient to carry, self-developed fire robot operating system

4. Control system platform: Control system platform: window operating system /Android operating system

5. Working hours: 8h

6. Basic functions: remote control and monitor integrated portable design, matching ergonomic strap; It can be watched and controlled at the same time, stably present the environment image around the scene to the remote operator, and can display the battery, robot slope Angle, toxic and harmful gas concentration alarm information in real time, and control the robot's forward, backward, turning and other movements; Control the water cannon to do up, down, left, right, DC, atomization, self-oscillation and other actions. Image anti-jitter function; It has the function of collecting and transmitting 360-degree panoramic images in front, behind and around the robot in real time. The data transmission method is wireless transmission using encrypted signals.

7. Panoramic monitoring function: 360-degree image of the robot body can be displayed remotely

8. Video recording and playback function: you can record video at any time, automatically save the recorded video content, you can directly open the video playback in the remote control terminal, you can also copy the video to other devices

9.With screen projection function: through the HDMI interface can be connected to projectors and other screen projection equipment, the robot collected to the rescue scene real-time picture and data through the projection equipment display, can facilitate the operation of the command staff to discuss decision-making

10. Walking control function: through a three-axis industrial rocker, to achieve the robot forward, backward, left, right turn flexible operation

11. Fire cannon control function: through a three-axis industrial rocker, to control the water cannon to do up, down, left, right, DC, atomization action

12. Control the lifting switch of the reconnaissance system: through the self-reset point switch

13. Video switch: through the self-reset point switch to achieve

14. Control the automatic drag hose function: through the self-reset point switch

15. Lighting control function: through the self-reset point switch, the upper computer does self-locking response

16. Auxiliary tools: handheld remote control terminal shoulder strap, movable tripod

17. Portable remote control (optional) : equipped with portable remote control handle, small shape, easy to use, more convenient and quick connection in the process of car body transfer, improve the efficiency of operators, reduce the burden of operators


4.7 Wired Remote Control


1. Overall size: 189×172×80mm mm (excluding the height of the rocker)

2. Weight: 6.5kg

3. Wire control distance (cable length) : 10m

4. Control range: emergency stop, walking, fire gun pitching, rotation, DC, atomization






1100m Remote Control Distance Android Controlled Fire Fighter Robot Vehicle 01100m Remote Control Distance Android Controlled Fire Fighter Robot Vehicle 11100m Remote Control Distance Android Controlled Fire Fighter Robot Vehicle 2

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