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Portable Automatic Under Vehicle Inspection System For Car Checking

Minimum Order Quantity : 1 Price : USD10000/set
Packaging Details : standard Delivery Time : 30days
Supply Ability : 10sets/month
Place of Origin: China Brand Name: Topsky
Model Number: JHI-UVIS

Detail Information

Resolution: 10000*2048 Response Time: Less Than 1s
Magnify: 16times Image Format: Jpeg Or Bmp
Detect Mode: Automatically View Angle: ≥170 Degrees
High Light:

counter surveillance equipment


anti surveillance equipment

Product Description

  1. Overview

Vehicle safety inspection system, inspection conditions of if there is illegal altered car, hiding drugs, and other contraband bombs or personnel, could reach to places human body is not accessible.In addition, this product has portable mobility to meet the needs of mobile temporary inspection. The product is applicable to the inspection of automobile chassis in the security inspection area, such as temporary security inspection, temporary inspection station and so on.

  1. Features

1, black&white, color line array CCD scanning technology dynamic imaging, no overlapping image.

2, complete imaging of the bottom of the car, without any omission, and the image is clear, no distortion, can clearly observe objects of the diameter of 2mm and above.

3, protection grade is IP68, anti pressure and seismic, adapt to any climate environment.

4. The inspection process can be compiled on the spot to meet the needs of various field.

5, multi-channels scene image monitoring, video recording function.

6. Configure the license plate recognition system and take a photo record of the current vehicle.

3,Technical specifications:

1 Software:

1.1, using black &white, color linear array CCD scanning technology dynamic imaging;

2.2. The image resolution of the bottom of the car: 10000 x 2048(optional);

1.3, time imaging display chassis: less than 1 s;

1.4. auto bottom image magnifying multiple: 16 times; (no distortion magnification);

1.5, image storage format is JPEG or BMP;

1.6, the image display mode: large horizontal display;

1.7, the vehicle passes through the scanner to automatically judge the movement and stop of the vehicle, and produces the complete image of the bottom of the car.

1.8, the scene image records show: 1 way, could extend, i.e increasing the roof image, and automatically save pictures;

1.9, image retrieval function test: can be retrieved according to the date, time, license plate and other information to store the bottom of the car and the license plate image.

1.10. The system can store no less than 26 thousand images of the bottom of the car, and can set the function of automatic cycle cover.

1.11. image quality adjustment: the saturation, contrast, balance and sharpening of the car bottom or license plate.

1.12. Image auto contrast, when the image of car is selected, the historical image of the same license number which has been stored is automatically popped out. And the black-and-white list library, blacklist auto alarm function;

1.13. Remote transmission and control of multi computer networks, and transmission of vehicle base, license plate image and scene video to server.

14. There are various extensible linkage interfaces; the system can be extended to control the linkage of other equipment (such as roadblocks, car arrester, gate, entrance guard, etc.).

1.15, support manual input number recognition, record the license plate number, vehicle color, and the appearance of the vehicle by the vehicle counting function, can modify the vehicle information;

1.16, automatically statistics number of vehicles passing through each day and generate forms to facilitate management.

1.17. The algorithm of scene image compression: H.264;

1.18, multi languages operation interface design, with administrator and operator two level authority management;

1.19, image capture rate: not less than 200lX in ambient illumination conditions, vehicle image capture rate ≥99%;

1.20, picture resolution (number of pixels) ≥12000 x 4096;

1.21, the automatic shooting function of the bottom of the car: when the vehicle passes the bottom scanner at the speed of 1-50km/h, the system automatically shoots and stores the image of the bottom of the car.

2, fixed bottom controller

2.1, scanning mode: fully automatic or external triggering mode;

2.2, through speed: 1-50km/h;

2.3, scanner view angle: ≥170 degrees

2.4, the image resolution: 10000*2048 optional;

2.5, system power supply: AC220V/50-60Hz/360W;

2.6, auxiliary lighting control: DC24V;

2.7, structure design: monomer all adopts circular spherical shield design, the advanced modular maintenance free design.

2.8, control box: system I/O control, support 2 way manual control;

3. System host and display

3.1, display: 24 inch LCD display

3.2 CPU:INTEL core processor

3.3 mainboard: Advantech industrial mainboard

3.4, memory: DDR3, greater than 2GB

3.5, hard disk: 500G hard disk

3.6, video card: DDR3, 192BIT independent graphics card

3.7. Working voltage: AC220V 50/60Hz

3.8, working temperature: - 60 DEG C.

4. License plate recognition system

4.1, marking the 1 way high definition license plate recognition module, can be selected to expand to 2 or multichannel;

4.2, the recognition accuracy rate during daytime: ≥99%;

4.3, the average recognition time: <20ms;

4.4, the recognition accuracy rate during night is ≥95%:

4.5. The license plate image allows the horizontal tilt angle: -15 ~ +15 degree;

4.6, power supply: support AC24V/DC12V power supply;

4.7, power consumption: <10W.

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