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Alkali Proof Counter Terrorism Equipment Chemical Protective Clothing

Minimum Order Quantity : 1 pcs Price : USD150-220/PCS
Packaging Details : carton Supply Ability : 10000PCS/Month
Place of Origin: China Brand Name: TOPSKY
Model Number: XH-03

Detail Information

Name: Counter Terrorism Equipment Chemical Protective Clothing Thickness(mm): 0.34±0.05
Tensile Strength(≥KN/m): Warp Direction: 6.3 Latitude: 5.5 Tear Resistance (drop Hammer Method ≥ N): Warp Direction:5.0 Latitude:5.0
High Light:

anti terrorism equipment


anti surveillance equipment

Product Description

Counter Terrorism Equipment chemical protective clothing
XH-03 chemical protective clothing
1.Main technical specification


Table 1.mechanical properties

No. Item Specification
1 Thickness(mm) 0.34±0.05
2 Tensile Strength(≥KN/m) Warp direction: 6.3 latitude: 5.5
3 Tear resistance (drop hammer method ≥ N) Warp direction:5.0 latitude:5.0


Table 2. chemical properties

No. Item Specification
1 Anti-toxic mustard gas purity(95% 36℃±1℃×130min) No penetration
2 Cold resistant (-40°C×5min folding 180°) No crack

Three-in-two solution (6N hydrochloric acid, 6N sulfuric acid, three-in-two solution,

36 ° C ± 1 ° C × 1 h)

No crack
4 Resistance to gasoline breakage (dip 120# gasoline through 30s) No cracks, no stickiness
5 Hot air aging (140 °C ± 2 °C × 8h) Not sticky, not brittle
6 Acid resistance (plastic surface after tape pickling) No discoloration, cracks and stickiness
7 Protection factor >33
8 weight(Kg) ≤3.5
9 Pitch density (needle / 5cm) 12~15

2.Mainly suitable for the following occasions

1. Atomic bomb test.

2. Optical, anti-missile liquid propellant, and exhaust gas generated when high-energy fuel is burned.

3. The operator of the oxidant and the combustion agent is used in the operations such as filling and transferring.

4. Carbon monoxide, phosgene, sarin, mustard gas, etc.

5. Anti-acid and alkali-proof under specific circumstances.

6, anti-nuclear radiation adhesion.

7. Maintenance of grain depots, chemical plants, urban construction (sewage), etc.

8, airtight, dustproof, waterproof, moisture-proof, sand-proof.

9, also widely used in camping training, underground oil fields, fishermen salvage.

10. The chemical protective clothing produced by our factory can also integrate anti-virus, flame-retardant, anti-static, heat-insulating, acid-proof, anti-radiation and other functions into one, so that it has comprehensive performance to meet different industries and users in different environments. Special requirements.


1. When the chemical protective clothing is contaminated with harmful poisons or other contaminants, immediately rinse it with neutralizing liquid and water after completion of the operation, and dry it inside and outside to avoid corrosion and mildew.

2. When using and cleaning chemical protective clothing, do not touch sharp objects to avoid mechanical damage.

3, when the chemical protective clothing and gloves are stored, the outside should be wiped with a layer of talcum powder.

4, chemical protective clothing should be folded neatly, boxed storage, do not squeeze.

5. When storing chemical protective clothing, it is required to be dry and free of organic solvent vapor.

6. The storage period is seven years.


4. Size: L :180cm-185cm (43#-44#),M:175cm-180cm(41#-42#),S:170cm-175cm





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