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RXR-C360D-2 12v LED Omnidirectional Wheels Robot 3.0

Minimum Order Quantity : 1set Packaging Details : Aluminium case
Delivery Time : 30days Payment Terms : T/T
Supply Ability : 100sets/month
Place of Origin: China Brand Name: TOPSKY
Model Number: RXR-C360D-2

Detail Information

Power: 12v Working Time: More Than 4hrs
Size: 364*364*100mm Weight: 6kg
Remote Size: 278*184*43mm Remote Weight: 1.4kg
High Light:

12v omnidirectional wheels robot


LED omnidirectional wheels robot


omnidirectional wheels robot 3.0

Product Description

RXR-C360D-2 Omnidirectional Robot 3.0


Product background:

Investigations in dangerous, narrow, and low spaces have always been extremely important for anti-terrorism investigations and safety inspections. At present, anti-terrorism safety inspections also adopt centralized inspections by humans. This inspection method is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Unmanned robots can effectively complete the underside of the vehicle. The inspection work in complex areas such as houses and containers reduces labor costs and effectively achieves the inspection and elimination of dangerous operation indicators. In house reconnaissance, the implementation of hostage rescue vehicle chassis inspection in narrow areas and other operations, the implementation personnel cannot pass, resulting in untimely and inaccurate information acquisition, and it is easy to delay important information. Unmanned robots can control pipelines, narrow spaces, and vehicles according to different environments. Reconnaissance and acquisition of important information in places such as the chassis.

Our company has always adhered to unmanned investigation technology and continuously introduced new unmanned investigation products.

The RXR-C360D-2 omnidirectional robot adopts Mecanum wheel drive, flexible operation, omnidirectional movement, fast speed, and small size, which can meet the detection requirements for dangerous narrow and low spaces.

The RXR-C360D-2 omnidirectional robot is a small inspection robot with a small volume and a flat appearance. It is mainly used for inspections in narrow and low spaces. It can also be expanded to load various sensor modules to detect the target area. The driving wheel of the robot adopts the mecanum wheel structure design, which has the ability of translation movement in any direction and angle, flexible movement and convenient operation. The robot is loaded with a dual-channel video system for driving and checking, and has a real-time image transmission function. At the same time, the forward obstacle avoidance radar can prevent the robot from hitting obstacles and improve the safety of use; the controller is small and light, with high integration, and has the functions of robot control and image acquisition. It is the rare full-function professional narrow and low space inspection robot on the market.

RXR-C360D-2 12v LED Omnidirectional Wheels Robot 3.0 0

Scope of application

* Vehicle chassis inspection

* Inspection of the bottom of large containers, shelves, and containers

* Inspection of the bottom of tables and chairs in conference venues

* Inspection of various other narrow spaces

* Inspection of hazardous areas


  • ★Quick omni-directional movement

This product uses mecanum wheels, which can move in all directions, flexible steering, and easy to operate. The maximum speed can reach 1.5m/s, which can quickly reach the detection area and save time.

  • ★Small space reconnaissance

This product is small in size and can detect small and low areas that are inconvenient for personnel to observe. The top view lens of the car body can inspect the car chassis. The obstacle avoidance radar on the front of the car body can avoid obstacles.

  • ★Search and Rescue

This product can quickly reach and search for dangerous areas and areas that are inconvenient for people to enter. The front and rear night vision cameras of the car body can make the product work at night and improve the efficiency of search and rescue.

  • ★Portable anti-collision

The omnidirectional robot is equipped with a camera and obstacle avoidance radar in the forward direction, and a camera and anti-collision device in the backward direction, which brings higher safety to the product.

Technical parameters:

4.1 Robot body parameters:

1. Working voltage: 12V

2.★Maximum moving speed: ≥1.5m/s

3.★Working time: ≥4h

4.★Control distance: ≥60m

5. ★Load weight: ≥3kg

6.★Maximum climbing angle: ≥15°

7.★Maximum obstacle crossing height: ≥20mm

8. The battery can be replaced: yes

9. Lighting system: LED×8 high-brightness lighting

4.2 Remote control parameters:

1. Display screen: 7-inch high-brightness display

2. Operating handle: dual joystick operation

3. ★Battery life time: ≥4h

4. ★Wireless remote control distance: ≥60m

4.3 Image transmission parameters:

1. ★Image transmission distance: ≥60m

2.★Driving camera: front and rear night vision lens + top view lens, the screen can be switched

RXR-C360D-2 12v LED Omnidirectional Wheels Robot 3.0 1

product configuration:



Name Unit Qty Remark
Robot Set 1  
charger Pcs 1  
wireless remote control Pcs 1  
External device Set 1  
Certificate of conformity pcs 1  
User manual Pcs 1  
Package box Pcs 1  


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